F1Weekly Podcast #140 (02-28-2007)


Podcast # 140 Is here!

Scott Speed finishes eighth fastest!!
Ferrari very happy with results from Bahrain!
Fernando Alonso keeping an eye on the Ferrari’s Australian set up!
Williams ready for first race of the season with new aero update!

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F1Weekly Podcast #139 (02-24-2007)

Podcast #139 Is ready!!


Scott Speed confirmed at Toro Rosso!
David Coulthard not happy with the new RB3!
McLaren on top in Bahrain!
Indianapolis GP to drop turn 13?


Finally we include Nasir’s interview with GridModels.com – Claire Beasley.

F1Weekly Podcast #138 (02-21-2007)


Podcast 138 …Nasir and Steve…. no Clark he’s in Paris!

Jacques Villeneuve what’s his problem? Renault will have a top driver, but which one?
Motorsports Mondial :
Marco, Rally in Norway, V8 Supercar problems, MotoGP at Indy? plus Daytona 500 and the Monty Python Show updates.
We also have added Nasir’s interview with David Richards of Prodrive.
Sorry for any audio issues with this interview.

F1Weekly Podcast #137 (02-17-2007)


Podcast 137 – with Desiree

On today’s show she discusses the following topics:
Brickstone – Testing their hard compounds
REN – Pat Symonds admits they need more speed, could be due to tyres/tires but not to panic , + they quit the GPMA <-the collaborators
SCHUMI – rumors
FER – Felipe doesn’t miss Michael -shocker! FM stands up for FER design
RBR – DC tops sheets one day!
STR – Launches new car, only Tonio there no Scotty
WIL – Encouraged by progress, Sam Michael says his 2 drivers are what they need,  THEY are the ones that developed the Toyota seamless gearbox
Willis – Geoff wants back in F1 maybe to Prodrive?
HON –  Marco to do FRI USGP driving?,  car not as far ahead as they’d like…
SA – Taku goes the distance

Plus she is joined by Christopher for a quick Motorsports Mondial.

F1Weekly Podcast #136 (02-14-2007)


Podcast 136
Nasir with Motorsports Mondial.
We include an interview with David Sears of Super Nova Racing
Super Nova Racing is a British racing team that has competed in Formula 3000/GP2 and the A1 Grand Prix series.
Sorry for the audio quality.


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