F1Weekly Podcast #299 (08-20-2008)

Slippery when wet: Muy macho hombre de España, Fernando Alonso, man who rocked the boat at McLaren, now sails into Valencia harbor for the inaugural European Grand Prix in the Spanish port city. With an impressive cargo of 49 podium finishes, 19 wins and two world championships Alonso now finds himself drifting on a lonely sea with an uncompetitive hull. Flavio Briatore, Captain of his heart, may have provided him a safe passage with a mediocre mate but the McLaren and Ferrari fleet has left the Renault reeling in their waves. Alonso may jump ship in 2010 but may have to endure another sinking feeling next season.

Podcast # 299.


Fernando happy with second home Grand Prix.
Quick Nick ready to fight for his 2009 contract.
Peugeot will join the ALMS at road Atlanta in October.
The Host Clark Rodgers on vacation this week.
Motorsports Mondial with Nasir.