F1Weekly Podcast #310 (10-20-2008)


Tired Deputy: A Chinese track official takes a break during the Grand Prix weekend. Whether it was a boring race or the sight of most expensive capitalist tools is not known, what is known is Shanghai International circuit is the most expensive racing facility ever built. The Tilke-drome is located on reclaimed marsh lands. At a cost of about $400m thousands of engineers built this magnificent shrine in 18 months, the design is in the shape of character ‘shang,’ meaning high or above. The 3.38m long circuit has also hosted MotoGP, A1GP and Australian V8 series races.

Every form of refuge has its price. Party officials now pour a strong one for former Manager of the circuit, Yu Zhifei, who was convicted of corruption and is currently behind bars.


Podcast # 310

Max Mosley dead set on screwing it up!
Another Big F1 sponsor to receive government help.
Two hundred championship points for Nick.