News Update 12/01/2008


Nicolas Prost looking for Ferrari F1 test.
Barrichello wins Massa’ Challenge of Go-Kart Champs.
Bernie…tax payers should pay for Formula 1 events.
Berger may be going to Force India.

 Motorsports Memories

French Tragedy: Just as Senna and Prost will forever be linked with their contentious time as teammates at McLaren, Didier Pironi will always be remembered with his Ferrari teammate Gilles Villeneuve and the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. Whether it was mis-understanding from Pironi’s point of view or treachery as Villeneuve claimed we may never know. Sadly, consequences were fatal and only two weeks away at Zolder. Season saw more tragedy involving Pironi at Montreal and Hockenheimring. The French driver perished in a high speed power-boat accident in 1987.


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