Liuzzi takes pole for sprint race.



A1GP: New strong man. Italian racer Vitantonio Liuzzi has claimed pole position for the sprint race on his debut in the World Cup of Motorsport. Team Italy is headed by ex-Grand Prix driver Piercarlo Ghinzani. Liuzzi is a former karting and Formula 3000 champion. Many claim his career at Red Bull was shafted by internal politics. His impressive pole at the equally impressive new Portimao circuit in Algarve, Portugal, demonstrates once again, no package no delivery.

Robert Doornbos will be hoping to deliver Dutch success from his front row position alongside Liuzzi. Bobby D, as he is known in America, grabbed pole position for the feature race.

Marco Andretti, driving for Team Papito, qualified 12th. for the sprint race and 8th. for the feature race.

NO LIVE STREAMING: Due to circumstances beyond their control A1GP is unable to provide live streaming for this race.

Sprint race grid:

Pos Driver Team Time Gap
1. Vitantonio Liuzzi Italy 1m30.875s
2. Robert Doornbos Netherlands 1m31.346s + 0.471s
3. Adam Carroll Ireland 1m31.600s + 0.725s
4. Daniel Morad Lebanon 1m31.756s + 0.881s
5. Filipe Albuquerque Portugal 1m31.777s + 0.902s
6. Earl Bamber New Zealand 1m32.006s + 1.131s
7. Andre Lotterer Germany 1m32.084s + 1.209s
8. Adrian Zaugg South Africa 1m32.301s + 1.426s
9. Narain Karthikeyan India 1m32.358s + 1.483s
10. Clivio Piccione Monaco 1m32.420s + 1.545s
11. Fairuz Fauzy Malaysia 1m32.929s + 2.054s
12. Marco Andretti USA 1m33.214s + 2.339s
13. Dan Clarke Great Britain 1m33.860s + 2.985s
14. Felipe Guimaraes Brazil 1m33.985s + 3.110s
15. Zahir Ali Indonesia 1m34.005s + 3.130s
16. Salvador Duran Mexico 1m34.216s + 3.341s
17. John Martin Australia 1m34.405s + 3.530s
18. Nicolas Prost France 1m36.567s + 5.692s
19. Ho-Pin Tung China 1m36.838s + 5.963s
20. Neel Jani Switzerland –

Feature race grid:

Pos Driver Team Time Gap
1. Robert Doornbos Netherlands 1m30.415s
2. Adam Carroll Ireland 1m30.696s + 0.281s
3. Neel Jani Switzerland 1m30.878s + 0.463s
4. Adrian Zaugg South Africa 1m30.984s + 0.569s
5. Felipe Guimaraes Brazil 1m31.023s + 0.608s
6. Fairuz Fauzy Malaysia 1m31.025s + 0.610s
7. Filipe Albuquerque Portugal 1m31.095s + 0.680s
8. Marco Andretti USA 1m31.459s + 1.044s
9. Clivio Piccione Monaco 1m31.495s + 1.080s
10. Vitantonio Liuzzi Italy 1m31.852s + 1.437s
11. Earl Bamber New Zealand 1m31.925s + 1.510s
12. John Martin Australia 1m31.939s + 1.524s
13. Salvador Duran Mexico 1m32.031s + 1.616s
14. Andre Lotterer Germany 1m32.269s + 1.854s
15. Daniel Morad Lebanon 1m32.352s + 1.937s
16. Dan Clarke Great Britain 1m32.400s + 1.985s
17. Narain Karthikeyan India 1m32.504s + 2.089s
18. Zahir Ali Indonesia 1m32.573s + 2.158s
19. Nicolas Prost France 1m32.941s + 2.526s
20. Ho-Pin Tung China 1m33.237s + 2.822s

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