Hey Nico

Hey Nico! Do you know me? “I used to drive race cars for an Italian team. I was lucky enough to win some races and a few championships. Your rookie season was my last. I was so impressed with your fastest lap of the race in the opening round of the 2006 season. All season long I tried my best, and hope you remember my efforts in the season finale in Sao Paulo.

“Your boss, Brawn, is a strong persuader. He talked me out of retirement and has promised me equal treatment. I am not familiar with this term.

“Now we are teammates, I would like to inform you about “3” things in Formula 1.

  1. I am relentless.
  2. I am pretty good in the rain.
  3. My Ipod on weekends constantly plays ‘I put a spell on you’.

“Have a nice season”.