Don’t cry for me Argentina

A proud Jose Maria Lopez explains to El Presidente how the “Skunk Works”, located in Nascarville, will transform him as the next Fangio of their nation.

The tax payers of Argentina will be waiting for a long time for the Western Union man to knock on door and deliver back their $800k deposit.

Ken Anderson, once a Penske-shock man, and Peter Windsor, once a chatter box in the pre-race grid walk, are no where to be found in the last few weeks and their silence has been deafening. Even their local propaganda machine, Speed TV, cannot get a quote from them.

The Piranha pool that is Formula 1 has not been kind on first bite to Chad Hurley, the You Tube founder reportedly invested $20m only to see his operation mocked on his own creation. A $2.00 hot dog conversation with any serious racer, from the Good Lord (Hesketh) to Captain (Penske) of the racing industry, would have told him that the best way to have a $100m portfolio in Formula 1 is to start with $200m.

As the Motown song goes, “damn your eyes for getting my hopes so high”.

Wonder what tune young American racing talents are singing now? Edwards, Hildebrand, Rossi, Summerton all had high hopes. Even those who had little interest in crossing the pond were swimming with delight that a US-based Formula 1 operation was interested in their services.

Yes, that’s how Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor were going to do things “differently”. Beat the Vettels and Hamiltons of the world with a one hit wonder, and another who makes a right turn only when his engine is “done, blowed up” and heads for the paddock.

Lopez may end up in Formula 1 this season with Campos or whatever the name is by next week, he will certainly feel betrayed by a man who was once manager to an elected Argentine official and former Grand Prix star, Carlos Reutemann. The photo above was taken in January of this year and shows Lopez meeting Ms. Kirchner, President of Argentina.

Now it has come to light that British driver James Rossiter also had a contract with USF1 but was kept in the dark about the progress (if any) of the car. This from the dynamic duo who patriotically screamed, “Shame on Formula 1 for not nurturing American talent”.

The (phantom) car was designed by Jason Anderson, Ken’s kid. A weekend vacation on a Thai beach with some of Chad’s cash could have secured the services of Rory Byrne. He once designed red cars which were raced rather successfully by a Red Baron.

The Andersons did create one racing machine for the IRL, the Falcon. But it dived into oblivion without ever racing.

History may be repeating itself but the future is bright for Formula 1. You will definitely need shades in Bahrain.

— Nasir Hameed

Racing regards from California