F1weekly podcast # 420

With the suspension controversy behind us It’s now F-ducts!

Sebastien Vettel wants F-duct on his Red Bull as soon as possible.

Ferrari to test their F-duct version on Friday practice in China.

Fernando: “I know that we keep developing the car, but it’s not maybe the first priority for us, that system. We keep working on our philosophies. There is an important step here to improve the car, and I know that there is more coming in the next races. I’m not specifically worried only about that system.”

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And now a month in motorsport history…


April 4, 1929. Jack Brabham is born in Australia. First man to become world champion in a rear engine car, 1959 in a Cooper. Retained his title in 1960, and in 1966 became the first and only man to win the championship in a car bearing his own name. Powered by an Australian built Repco engine based on an Oldsmobile block.

April 7, 1968. The last race for Jim Clark, a Formula 2 event in the rain at Hockenheim claims his life.

April 9, 1971. Quebecois Quick, Jacques Villeneuve makes his debut in this world. Goes on to win the Indy 500 and the Formula 1 title with Williams in 1997.

April 12, 1950. Bravo bravo in the Briatore household as Bambino Flavio is welcomed to the world with a Benetton sweater. The little boy grew up to be master of his and Nando’s destiny. When he fired Nelsinho Piquet in the middle of the 2009 season, he sealed his own fate with Singapore Firecracker, and not the kind you find at Yan Can Cook.

And the very next day, April 13, 1940. Baby Max shows up in the Mosley household, talk about Chain reaction.

April 16, 1942. Frank Williams was born on this day.

April 18, 1971. First GP win for Tyrell team in Formula 1 with Jackie Stewart in Spain.

April 20, 1927 was the date of birth for Phil Hill who went on to become the first American to win a Formula 1 GP, 1960 at Monza, and a year later at the same track became the first and so far the only US born world champion.

Hill’s first Grand Prix win was the last win in Grand Prix racing for a front engine car.

April 25, 1981 Rob Smedley’s Felipe baby was born on this day in Sao Paulo.

April 29, 1984. Last Grand Prix ever held at Zolder was won by the Ferrari of Michele Alboreto. This is the track which claimed the life of Gilles Villeneuve in 1982. The track also saw the debut win for Lotus 79 with Mario Andretti at the wheel in 1978.

April 30, 1994. Death of Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger during  qualifying for the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. And we all know what happened the next day during the race. It must be added here that Max Mosley went to Ratzenberger’s funeral as, to use his own words, everyone else had gone to Senna’s funeral.

Sad to end the segment this way, but that is the history of motor racing sometimes.

Thank you for listening.

Take care and tata…Nasir