F1weekly podcast # 422

Williams pushing for the return of KERS for the 2011 season.

“We’re supportive of KERS at Williams, but our position was that we would rather it was integrated properly in the 2013 engine,

It’s something F1 can contribute to. A lot of road cars are going with KERS now, so it makes sense for F1 to have it. We thought ’13 was a better introduction point, but we’ve got to go with the agreement that everyone signed, and that was if someone proved by the end of March that they could do it for a million euros, then they can.

The attraction from my point of view is it makes the car go faster. If someone’s got KERS then you can’t afford not to have it. You’re talking three or four tenths .

It was quicker by the end of last year. If you look at McLaren, in Ahu Dhabi they were very competitive until they had the brake failure, and that was with the old front tyre as well. Now with the narrow front tyre it will be even easier to make KERS work.”

Jacques Villeneuve continues his efforts to return to Formula 1

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