Motorsports Mondial

Grand Prix de Monaco, this years race will separate the men from the boys.

Backmarkers will be a real problem says Martin Whitmarsh.

Renault F1 Team announces new partnership with Trina Solar.

The Renault F1 Team is delighted to announce that Trina Solar, a leading integrated
manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from ingots to modules has become an official
partner of the team. This new partnership is expected to increase Trina Solar’s global brand
awareness while promoting the wide-scale adoption of sustainable technologies.
The sponsorship will take the form of on-car logo branding on the nose of the R30 race car,
ensuring excellent opportunities for worldwide marketing exposure. Furthermore, this partnership
will showcase day-to-day applications of solar PV technology in various high-visibility areas of the
Renault F1 Team operations including the team’s paddock motorhome and VIP hospitality facilities.
Trina Solar and the Renault F1 Team will also conduct a joint analysis and evaluation programs.

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