Motorsports Mondial

Seabastien Loeb Takes his seventh WRC championship.

“For sure it is an incredible feeling, and especially to win,” said Loeb. “When I arrived here, I knew that there was a possibility to win the rally, to win the championship, and all that in my home town.

So it was a great challenge, and also a big pressure, because I knew that everybody was waiting for this here, in the region. There was a lot of support from a lot of people. The feeling was really great. It was incredible.

I was expecting this rally to be popular, but I was very surprised to see so many people for the rally, I could not expect that there would be so many people, everywhere: on stages, on the road sections, waving in front of their house, in the service park, everywhere. And all that in a very nice atmosphere. I was really happy to see this.

It has been a perfect event, like in Corsica in 2004, when we won both championships at the same time. Here, it is even more special because it is really at home for me.”