Motorsports Mondial


Nando was going for tercero

He was going to be the hero

Riding a prancing stallion

Ahead was the Russian battalion

Planning the siege of Oviedo

Against an army muy macho

There was no Gatling

Though a lot of rattling

He remembered the days of Renault

When the teammate was slow

And the message of Hockenheim

Which had such a sweet rhyme

Lap after lap

Same would be the gap

Charge of the Red brigade never came

On lap 55 over was the game

Vettel was the winner

Nando had the finger

Situation was Dyer

Luca was on fire

Victim of Vodka then

In the season of 2010

– Nasir “Mercer” Hameed

Greetings and Muddy Waters regards from California!