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Marco Wittmann

Photo courtesy: Marco Wittmann

Q: In 2010, your second year in F3 Euro Series, you finished second in the Championship, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your season?

A: Well difficult to say, cause I had ups and downs during the season. But at the end I would say something around 7 and 8.

Q: The season saw your first pole and win, how much confidence did you gain from these achievements?

A: I mean I felt already from the first race confident. I started the season 2010 with a new team, with new partners, with a new engine – quite a lot of changes. But I felt comfortable and straight ahead it worked already in Le Castellet.

Q: Apart from victory and pole, what were some of your best performances of the season?

A: After Hockenheim, I would say Norisring. We had a strong weekend with two second places. There we scored a lot of points and especially in front of my home.

Q: And moments you don’t wish to remember?

A: Valencia was really a weekend to forget with only one point. Also Oschersleben we struggled a lot.

Q: This year you had VW power, how is their engine in performance and drivability compared to power you had last year, Mercedes?

A: It’s difficult to compare which is better or which not – at the end I have to say both of them are on the same level. I think the difference of success make the team and driver performance.

Photo courtesy: Marco Wittmann

Q: Was VW power main reason for switching from Mücke to Signature team this season?

A: VW Motorsport gave me the opportunity to drive for them with Signature. I got a great support from all of them during 2010 – so at the end it was the best step I did in my career.

Q: How was your experience in Macau where you finished fourth?

A: For me it was great experience. The country, the people and of course the track – completely different to Europe 😉

Q: Do you enjoy street racing as much as racing at Spa?

A: Haha – that’s a good question 😉 I love both 😉 I really like street circuits but I won already in past in Spa and love this track as well. So I can’t give you an answer which I prefer 😉

Q: You are part of Gravity Management, if Eric Bouiller was to ask you what series you want to race in 2011, what will be your answer?

A: Sometimes it’s not only what you want, it’s something where you have the best opportunity to grow up and step up for the future! Of course my dream is to reach F1 but for the moment it’s really difficult to arrive at that target because you have to bring a lot of money to get a seat.

Q: You went from 18th in points in last year’s championship to second this year with 10 podium finishes, what did you learn most from last year that helped you this year?

A: I’m sure I was already 2009 quick. But we had a lot of problems with the teams and of course I did mistakes as well. This year I think I was strong in races, did less mistakes also compared to the other drivers.

Q: What is your favorite German track?

A: Hockenheim.

Q: Your friend and home boy, the new world champion, Sebastian Vettel, is fond of saying ‘I don’t need a Manager, I can get to the track on my own,’ do you agree with him? How important has been Gravity in the guidance and success of your career?

A: Well Sebastian was always a Red Bull driver, so they gave him the money to drive – at the end he didn’t need a manager! May be now it’s for him necessary. I have not a big sponsor who is paying for me the seasons – for that I’m part of Gravity – which support me through the years.

Q: You also had a long and successful karting career, can one become a good racing driver without karting experience?

A: I don’t know, but I know nearly all who have been good in karting, have been also quick in single seaters.

Artwork courtesy: Sarah Sahadin

Q: Please tell us about Marco Wittmann, the young man and not the racer? Like your taste in food and music, and what sports you enjoy apart from motorsports?

A: Well next to motorsport I’m still working as a body worker on cars. I like to do a lot of sport and if there is free time I go also out with some friends to meet them. Italian food is the best of all 😉

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