Motorsports Mondial


Following the success of their first edition, the directors of EUROFORMULA have decided to renew the experience and perpetuate the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT”.

Beyond training courses and other activities linked to the single-seater, the role of a driving school is to spot new talent and award a bursary to the winner.

To take part in the « EUROFORMULA VOLANT » 2011 selections, students must not have won any “Volants” nor been classed in a single-seater, prototype or bucket-seat championship, in the previous three years.

They will need to make a financial contribution of € 1490 and there will be an additional € 990 for semi-finalists only.

The “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” will take place over four seasons of two days bringing together 8 to 12 drivers, with an intensive course on “Renault Formula” cars. Eight to 12 drivers will then be selected to take part in the semi-final on the CHÂTRE circuit.

The top 5 will race in the final and the winner will be awarded a bursary of € 60,000.

He will go up on the leader board with the young Paul Loup CHATIN whose performance we will follow with great interest throughout the season.

The EUROFORMULA driving school, created in 1997, is the legacy of the PRIVILÈGE FORMULA SCHOOL. It has trained more than                20,000 students. In among the multitude of existing establishments, this school is today’s last real single-seater driving school in France with its own teaching methods and competition training department as well as a club exclusively for experienced students.