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Pro Performance “The Science Behind Sport” has announced that they will be providing a sport science support service to drivers on the AirAsia Team Lotus Driver Development Program throughout 2011.

The AirAsia Team Lotus Driver Development Program was launched today in Malaysia with the aim of nurturing driver talent from across Malaysia, Asia, Europe, North America and throughout the world.  The program covers racing in a range of formulae from karting up to GP3, and is designed to provide aspiring young racing drivers with the support required to make it to the top level of motorsport.

The racing drivers on this year’s Program are;

Daim Hishammudin

Senna Iriawan

Max Klingby-Silver

Matt Parry

Alexander Rossi

Tanart Sathienthirakul

Weiron Tan

Pro Performance will be providing the drivers on the program with a carefully formulated range of sports science services that are designed to help them maximise their potential and achieve the best results possible.

Following an initial assessment, each driver will receive a tailored fitness conditioning and nutrition plan which will encompass; Reaction Time Training, Neck Strength Training, Steering Simulation Training (focusing on the key muscle groups used when driving), Heat Acclimatisation Conditioning and Altitude Training.

The drivers will receive thorough physiological, psychological and nutritional assessments throughout the year.  These assessments will ensure that the progress of each driver is carefully tracked and monitored to ensure they are on course to meet their fitness and nutritional targets.

The support provided to the drivers on the programme by Pro Performance will not just cover the racing season but will also encompass the off-season, to ensure that the drivers’ fitness and nutrition levels are periodised at every stage throughout 2011.

Alex Yoong, Head of the AirAsia Team Lotus Driver Development Program commented; “We are very pleased to have Pro Performance on board, providing our drivers with invaluable fitness, nutritional advice and support.  Their thorough and scientific approach to fitness and nutrition will assist our drivers in reaching their potential and give them the best chances of succeeding as they climb the motorsports ladder.”

Dan Williams BSc (Hons); Dip SMT, Director at Pro Performance commented; “This is a fantastic initiative and we look forward to working closely with each of the drivers on developing and maintaining their fitness and nutrition levels. The Program has a number of talented and enthusiastic drivers across all levels of motorsport who will benefit from the tailored plans that we will put in place.”