F1weekly podcast # 505

Podcast number 505

Motorsports Mondial with Nasir Hameed and…

Special Interview with British F3 driver Lucas Foresti.

Monaco quotes from Renault drivers:

Nick Heidfeld:

“First and foremost, it’s a lot of fun driving here in Monaco. Of course, as drivers we all have to deal with the traffic – 24 cars on such a tight circuit makes it a challenge for all of us – and we saw that when I ran on the super soft as I didn’t get a clean lap. It’s been interesting to be on different tyres – the softs and the supersofts. So, we will definitely be able to learn some things about our performance using those and that’s what today is all about. On the supersoft tyres, the balance was not as good as I would have hoped but we will look into all aspects of both today’s sessions and push on come Saturday”

Vitaly Petrov:

“We got pretty much all we wanted to get from our programme today. As we all know, this circuit is a different one and unique for us to drive on so it has been particularly useful to try things out. I managed to get practice on both the soft tyres and the supersoft, so we will be able to look at the data and see what how these tyres are performing on the track. I had an incident at the end of second session, which involved a little bit of oversteer followed by some understeer and I lost control. Generally, I think we are quite pleased with what we took out of today and we are looking forward to the weekend.”