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Forza Mirza

Racer from Rawalpindi records his first win in Spain. “Copa Open” series features Formula BMW cars and is run by ex-Grand Prix driver Emilio de Villota.

Yastoor Mirza is a 22-year old aspiring racer from Rawalpindi, located in northern part of Pakistan. In the land of cricket and field hockey, Mirza finds his goal to be in single-seaters and winning races.

Before him drivers like Nur Ali, based in Dallas, Texas and UK-born and raised Adam Khan have represented Pakistan on world stage, most notably in the now defunct A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. Mirza is the first home grown talent to record racing success in International competition.

On Sunday, Mirza experienced his Kodak-moment when he snapped victory in “Copa Open” at the new Navarra circuit in Spain.

F1Weekly is pleased to present our ‘digital dialogue’ with Yastoor Mirza and wish him continued success in his racing adventure.


Q: How did you develop and how long have you been interested in motor racing?

A: I have been interested in Motorsport from the age of sixteen by a complete accident. This is when my brother took me to a go-kart track.

Q: What karting facilities and opportunities are available to young people in your part of the country?

A: There is one track in Islamabad and one in Bahria town.

Q: What has been your karting experience?

A: Six years experience.

Q: You recently tested entry level racing cars in England, what cars and tracks you practiced?

A: I have been to various tracks in the UK, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Thruxton, Three Sisters and Rye House to name a few.

Q: What was your first impression of racing scene in England?

A: Probably one of the best facilities in the world.

Q: What made you decide to race in Spain?

A: Team Emilio De Villota is my sole reason to race in Spain.

Q: What is your main objective in your rookie season?

A: Win, win and win.

Q: Have you attended any racing schools or plan to?

A: I have had a racing course at Three Sisters in England last year.

Q: Motor racing is several laps down on Cricket and Hockey in Pakistan, is there any sponsorship available for your racing plans from local companies?

A: As we know motor racing is not one of the most popular sports in Pakistan. There are hardly any sponsors available.

Q: Who are the top three racing drivers in your opinion currently racing in Formula 1?

A: Vettel, Button and last, but not the least, Alonso!


— Nasir Hameed


Greetings and racing regards.