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Photo: estebanracing

Paris, France – Lotus ART is happy to announce that Esteban Gutierrez will be the official driver for its race team competing in the 2012 GP2 Series. Since the first day of their collaboration in 2009, Lotus ART and the Mexican driver have fulfilled their joint objectives. The first champion in the history of the GP3 Series in 2010, Esteban was one of the best rookies in the GP2 series, where he brought home his first win in 2011. This extension of the partnership between Esteban and Lotus ART is the logical continuation of a fruitful collaboration. The first step in the 2012 project will take place in the form of tests at Barcelona, in which Esteban will participate, on October 19 and 20 as well as with Abu Dhabi races in November.

Frederic Vasseur:
“Esteban’s involvement in the team’s plans is rewarding on the sporting and human level and I am sincerely delighted that we will be able to continue the adventure together. I think that we still have some great chapters to write together and I hope that the combined know-how of Lotus ART and Esteban will result in a synergy that both parties will be able to take advantage of in 2012, which will be a pivotal year.”

Esteban Gutierrrez:
“I´m happy to have our plans sorted for next season this early as it will give us a good amount of time to keep on going with our preparations for next year, with a good rhythm. I feel very grateful to all the people in the team for their work and integrity which has been a key for acquiring the right experience as a driver. This has been an important decision for next season and we are looking forward to making the most of the opportunity to perform in a very competitive way. I would like to thank all the other teams that expressed interest in having me on their team, I´m sure we will have great competition together keeping our good relationship.”