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So far this Rally is proving to be once again a fantastic and colossal motor sports event!

From Robby Gordon’s Hummer to Cyril Despres’s KTM motorcycle the intensity never drops.

Having started in 1978 and originally a simple endurance race or as they said back in the day “Rally-Raid” from Paris to Dakar Senegal It’s now grown into the biggest car rally on the Globe.

Of course timing is everything and the Dakar Rally shows up on the calendar exactly when motor sports fans are in dire need of some action due to the winter break the rest of the racing world takes at the end of their respective seasons.

Today the rally is nowhere near the continent of Africa or Europe for that matter having moved to South America for safety sometimes terrorist and our favorite! Political reasons. Nevertheless the racing itself still retains the respect it deserves. The host nations of Argentina, Chile and Peru deserve some substantial kudos for doing an outstanding job in supporting and promoting the Rally especially in these lackadaisical economic times.

I do want to extend my condolences to Argentinian rider Jorge Martinez Boero’s family he lost his life on Sunday January 1, 2012 the first day of the Dakar Rally. The 38-year-old Boero, making his second appearance on the grueling Dakar Rally, suffered a heart attack after being seriously injured in a fall from his Beta bike two kilometers from the end of the stage between Mar del Plata and Santa Rosa de la Pampa in the west of Argentina.

As we reach the final stages of the Dakar Rally this week I can’t stop cheering for America’s favorite race driver Robby Gordon, his on and off sparing matches with race stewards and the FIA, his pending possible disqualification, his numerous mechanical failures, and his do or die attitude… you just got to love this guy!

I’ll see everyone at the finish line.

Clark Rodgers –

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