F1Weekly podcast # 558

The Next Super Swede

Photo. GP2 Media

Marcus Ericsson. Ronnie Peterson’s victory in the 1978 Austrian Grand Prix is, to this day, the last Formula 1 victory by a Swedish driver.

The Kumla Kid, Marcus Ericsson, is aiming to change that in the near future.

The 21-year-old embarks on his third GP2 season with Paul Jackson’s I Sport International team. With Formula BMW UK and Japanese F3 Championships in his bag, Ericsson is one of the pre-season favorites. Championship glory in GP2, the official feeder series of Formula 1, will greatly enhance his chances of entry in the top tier.

Ericsson is managed by Kenny Brack, the only Swede Indy 500 winner.

F1Weekly would like to wish Marcus Ericsson all the best in his GP2 campaign this season which starts at Sepang this month.

The Marcus Ericsson Fan Club

Marcus and President of his fan club, Bowe Bovenius, would also like to invite you to join the club on Facebook. Bowe’s day job is air traffic controller and he gladly will give priority clearance to F1Weekly listeners who are coming in for landing at Linköping.

Please enjoy our conversation with Marcus Ericsson and Bowe Bovenius on podcast # 558.

— Nasir Hameed


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