Super One

Enaam leads S1 champs on drop scores despite penalty…

Enaam came away from Round 4 of

the National S1 Championship at GYG,

North Wales, leading the series by 6

points on drop scores, due to a

second place finish in Final 1, but was

controversially excluded from Final 2

following a collision on the final corner.

It was a weekend that promised so

much but failed to deliver, as the 12

year old demonstrated blistering pace

in testing, up to 0.4s faster than his

rivals, Enaam was clearly in the zone.

Qualifying 5th in group was a

disappointment, as his race tyres

didn’t offer as much grip and the team

had to quickly adapt the set up.

Enaam convincingly won his first heat,

laying down the gauntlet to his

Championship rivals. In his second

heat he finished 5th, placing him 3rd

on the grid for the first Final.

The Fusion driver once again showed

his desire to win, immediately

storming to the front. He tried to

make the break with his team mate

Josh Smith, but was joined by 4 other

drivers, for an intense lead swapping

battle. Enaam held the advantage

onto the last lap, but was tapped wide

with 4 corners to go and dropped to

an eventual 2nd place finish.

In Final 2, Enaam was shoved wide at

turn 1 and dropped to 5th, but, in

determined mood picked off his rivals

to get back to the front of the 10 kart


The lead changed hands countless

times in one of the best races of the

season, but on to the last lap it was

Enaam ahead, he defended well, but

was hit wide by Dean MacDonald half

way round, dropping to 4th. He

recovered in the final 3 corners to

make a move for 2nd but as he was

forced on to the kerb on the final

corner; he bounced off and made

contact with MacDonald. The Fusion

driver dropped to 6th but was later

excluded for the move as he was

judged to have been outside the track

limits. Enaam will now drop that

round, leaving him ahead on dropped

scores with 6 rounds to go.