Red Bull

David Coulthard and Infiniti Red Bull Racing visited Cuba over the Summer to find out about the country’s classic cars and the mechanics that keep them running. The 60,000 classic cars on Havana’s streets are a result of the country´s revolution: cars can only be bought and sold if they ran on the streets of Cuba before 1959.
As part of his trip, DC raced through some of Havana’s historic neighbourhoods in a 1955 Pontiac for the Cuban Classic Car Rally. He had Tony Burrows, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Support Team Manager, as his navigator as well as two team mechanics. They were all amazed by the cars they saw and mechanics they met.
David said “I’ve heard about the old cars in Cuba but you really need to come here to understand how the cars are held together with bits of whatever they can find. They can’t import spare parts so where most mechanics would take out a broken part and replace it with a new one, here they have to think of creative solutions.”
Tony commented “I was blown away by the skills of these guys, they have nothing to work with and they have kept these cars running for nearly 60 years. The way they get around problems is incredible.”