Postcard from the Principality

Romain Grosjean is not the only Swiss banker moving in the fast lane. Our F1Weekly familia member, Benedict Schnyder, recently made a trip to Monaco and, with his expressed written consent, we are pleased to share some motorsport memories.


Meeting the “Maestro.” The Argentine legend was the winner of the second ever F1 race of the inaugural 1950 season in Monte Carlo. This race also saw the debut in F1 racing for Scuderia Ferrari.

A Renault Alpine at La Rascasse restaurant. “Park” at your own peril.


Quiet and serene sans Formula 1 machines.

Famous last words. “Just had a quick chat with Eddie Jordan. I told him I was a life long Minardi fan and he told me I was totally f____d in the head. Then we tried making a selfie…”