F1Weekly Familia


F1W Familia members are all smiles. Dutch listeners, Louis and Didi Jansen enjoyed their honeymoon traveling in the United States. Their pit stops included Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Chicago, St Louis (sorry Heineken), and the Brickyard for the Indy 500. 
We are pleased to share words and photo by Louis.
“Monday morning in downtown Indianapolis me,Louis Jansen and my wife Didi are having breakfast and are discussing all the fun we had yesterday at the Speedway when a black Triumph motorcycle stops at the curb and a very familiar figure steps off.
“We recognize his face, but we are not sure, is it Damon Hill? Can’t be! But then we look at his helmet and it has white stripes (rowing paddles!!) on a very dark blue. This must be him! We ask to have us take a picture and I ask him if his wife gave him permission to ride a bike through the US.
“She is a great wife he said!”