Tech Tim On Location: F1 Comes to Hollywood Boulevard.  October 30 2019

Out with the red carpet and in with the tire tracks!  Before heading to Austin, F1 made a quick stop in Tinseltown to treat fans to donuts and noise.  Ricciardo, Albon, Bottas, and Verstappen made appearances driving cars from Renault, Mercedes, and Red Bull down a two-block straight.

There was plenty of recent history on display, including a stepped-nose V8 circa 2012 and a T-wing.  The crowd was a mix of merchandise-sporting F1 enthusiasts and curious locals and tourists, many of whom were likely experiencing the spectacle of Formula 1 up close for the first time.  Good times were had by all!

Words and pix by F1W familia member and Tech Talk contributor Timothy Szwarc.