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Motorsports Mondial

Smile of success. Harry Tincknell scored his first victory in the 2010 Michelin Formula Renault UK Championship last weekend at Rockingham. The CRS Racing driver started both events of the weekend from pole position and was runner-up in race one after setting the fastest lap.

Tincknell talked about his maiden victory saying, “The sun came out just before the start of the second race and I felt very confident as we came around on the formation lap. I knew that if I was first into turn one it was my race.

“I made one little mistake a few laps in but I held position and took it all the way to the flag. I’m very happy to get my first main series win. The team has worked long hours to get me here so I’m very happy for them.

“We need to keep the momentum going now but my confidence is high and I can’t wait for Brands Hatch.”

Momentum has been building for the 18-year old driver from Exeter since last year’s Formula Renault UK championship in which he was Rookie of the Year, and followed that with championship success in the winter series.

F1 Weekly is pleased to follow Tincknell’s career since our first meeting in the desert of California. In late 2007 he tested Formula BMW machinery in beautiful Button Willow, near equally lovely Bakersfield, in preparation for his single-seater career.

Please visit his website at for more information on this exciting young talent.

— Nasir Hameed

Racing regards and Cheers from California!

F1weekly podcast # 422

Williams pushing for the return of KERS for the 2011 season.

“We’re supportive of KERS at Williams, but our position was that we would rather it was integrated properly in the 2013 engine,

It’s something F1 can contribute to. A lot of road cars are going with KERS now, so it makes sense for F1 to have it. We thought ’13 was a better introduction point, but we’ve got to go with the agreement that everyone signed, and that was if someone proved by the end of March that they could do it for a million euros, then they can.

The attraction from my point of view is it makes the car go faster. If someone’s got KERS then you can’t afford not to have it. You’re talking three or four tenths .

It was quicker by the end of last year. If you look at McLaren, in Ahu Dhabi they were very competitive until they had the brake failure, and that was with the old front tyre as well. Now with the narrow front tyre it will be even easier to make KERS work.”

Jacques Villeneuve continues his efforts to return to Formula 1

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Motorsports Mondial

Can Renault continue their fight towards the front of the pack as we enter the European leg of the Championship.

Eric Boullier”: In terms of development, we’re clawing back a tenth here and a tenth there at each race,  Everybody is pushing themselves to the limit and the hard work is beginning to pay off. It will be more of the same from us in Spain. There will be more new parts but we don’t know what the other teams will bring, so we must be cautious. There’s every possibility that the competitive hierarchy could shift, perhaps to our advantage, perhaps not.”

More about Renault and the rest of the story on Motorsports Mondial in podcast 422

Motorsports Mondial

Why is Mercedes GP increasing the wheel base on the W01?

Some say to improve weight distribution others say for Schumi.

Ross Brawn: “The problem actually is not the wheelbase per se, The problem was that we got the weight distribution wrong. When we got to start trying these tyres we realised we didn’t have the correct weight distribution. We immediately went to the limit of what we could achieve with the car.

The tyres changed quite a bit; we had the small front, then there was a rear and then the rear changed again. None of us had the opportunity to try these tyres and we didn’t make as good a guess of what we wanted in terms of weight distribution as some of the other teams. We’ve got a modification of the car coming for Barcelona, which puts us into a better range for the weight distribution we can achieve.”

Michael is determined to succeed. He was always his own best and worst critic, He is incredibly dedicated and competitive but also very structured.

He is not the sort of guy who will panic when things aren’t going well. He will analyse what is happening and reflecting on that and, for sure, the race in Shanghai was disappointing.

But we are already getting to understand the reasons for that and are learning lessons from that. We have to make sure that in Barcelona for the next race we get it right and perform better.

His experience is very useful and that was part of the thinking when he joined the team. The biggest challenge is for everyone to treat him normally as he is such an icon.”

F1weekly podcast # 421

Some say Michael Schumacher should have never returned but others still insist he’s good for F1.

Formula 1 cars and equipment on their way back to Europe.

Max Mosley couldn’t hold his tongue and blasts Ferrari and Luca.

“Luca is very, very good with people and he’s certainly a very personable, pleasant person, but, in my opinion, he’s also a very weak character so he’s easily led.”

Motorsports Mondial with Nasir Hameed in podcast 421