F1Weekly Podcast #99 (10-08-2006)

Fernando Alonso wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schumi goes Kablamo!!! First since 2001

Massa comes in second!
Fisi does his job with third!!!Honda happy with fourth!
Bravo Bravo Bravo!

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F1Weekly Podcast #98 (10-07-2006)

Podcast #98

Ferrari take front row with Massa on P1!

Toyota shows who’s boss with the second row!
Fernando in P5 Fisi P6…My God what has happened? Michelin?
Button and Rubino in the fourth row!
Nico gets P10 for Williams!

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News Update 10/06/2006

Fisichella fastest during Friday practice! No problems with Alonso!
Damon Hill says Schumacher has not been good for F1!
Ross Brawn tells Renault not to use team orders in last two races…you’re kidding right?
Fernando speaks to the team and Fisi! All is well for the last dance!

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F1Weekly Podcast #97 (10-04-2006)

Podcast number 97 Including interview with Dino Chiesa!
Motorsport Mondial with Nasir…please be serious!!

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Can Shumacher be stoped? Renault believes so!

Bridgestone ready to win at home Grand Prix!
Jean Todt is he qualified to preach about good conduct in Formula 1!
BMW no word on 2007 driver line up! Kubica…is he in?

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News Update 10/04/2006

Is Fernando Alonso beginning to crack under the pressure?
Super Aguri excited about home Grand Prix!!
Jacques Villeneuve to drive for Roush in the "N" series!
Schumi throws a big party in Shanghai with Kimi and Fisi in attendance!

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News Update 10/03/2006

Fernando accuses Renault of focusing on the constructors title only!
Winless season for McLaren could be the first time in ten years!
Jean Todt says now he understands!!!
Renault finds new sponsor!!!
Hey! Ralf…what going on at Toyota???… It’s so quiet!

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