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Motorsports Mondial

Mortara’s Mistral Moment.

The 2010 F3 Euro Series season got off to a fast start for Italian driver Edoardo Mortara, man who won the prestigious Macau Grand Prix last year. The VW-powered Signature driver started from row three, and was already behind pole-sitter and race leader Daniel Juncadella before the opening lap was over.

Mortara made his move on lap four to snatch the lead from the Spanish driver, and was able to stay in front despite coming under pressure late in the race from his German teammate Marco Wittmann.

British driver Alexander Sims sailed past Juncadella with three laps remaining to reach the podium in third place.

Finn Valtteri Bottas, now in his second season while al rving as Williams test driver, was given a drive through penalty for not lining up correctly on the starting grid.

The F3 Euro Series, result of marriage between the French and German F3 Championships, has seen rift in the family after the formation of GP3 Championship. Only 13 drivers are entered in the championship this year. Previous graduates include Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg.

— Nasir Hameed

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Giancarlo Fisichella is the favourite to join star 2009 debutant Kamui Kobayashi at Sauber for F1 2010

“I’m happy that they can participate in the Championship next year, I would like to be able to collaborate with a team I know and I got on very well with them: together with Ferrari we’ll see if that will be possible.”

Carlos Sainz wins the Dakar Rally.

“It has been a very important day for me, Spain has finally won the Dakar with cars and I’m delighted. I want to thank Lucas Cruz for his great work and to all the team, and everybody who put their trust in me.

“We haven’t had any problems, and the car doesn’t have a scratch. I think we have done a fast but intelligent Dakar. It has been a very hard fight with my team-mate. We knew it would be that way. As I said before, I want to thank everyone who trusted in me.”

Kazeem speaks with Nasir




Kazeem Manzur, Formula BMW Europe racer and faithful F1 Weekly listener, talks about his maiden season in single seaters in 2008 and his agenda for 2009.

Q: What are your expectations in your second season of Formula BMW?

A: After one year of experience in Formula BMW I feel that I am able and will aim to win the championship. It will be difficult considering Formula BMW Europe is once again extremely competitive.

Q: What were biggest adjustments in single seaters compared to racing in karts?

A: The biggest adjustments would definitely have to be learning how to use the aerodynamics and also the whole process of a race weekend and testing is very different to that of a karting event.

Q3: Both of your teammates were in second year in 2008, was that a good learning experience?

A: Although it was hard to have two second year drivers as teammates last year, I believe that it enforced me and helped me to learn the art of driving a Formula BMW car quickly and also they helped me to understand the world of single-seater racing.

Q: Most races are on Grand Prix weekends, does that add to the pressure?

A: It definitely adds pressure, mainly because an F1 weekend is extremely busy and therefore it is difficult to book hotels close to the circuit. Therefore, getting to the circuit is pressurizing in itself.

Q: You raced in Valencia, how much fun is racing on a street course compared to Spa or Silverstone in the wet?

A: It was a great experience to drive the car through the streets of Valencia, although Valencia didn’t feel like a tight and twisty street circuit as it was a fairly wide fast circuit with great amounts of run-off area.

Q: What were the best and worst races for you last year?

A: My best race last year would have to be the last race of the season at Monza where there was torrential rain. I had to start at the back of the grid and in a 13 lap race I managed to get to eighth position from 26th on the grid. The worst race would have to have been Valencia where I started 9th. I entered the first corner and I was hit by another driver, who eventually drove over my car causing a fair bit of damage.

Q: What has been the biggest learning experience in taking driving instructions from Rob Wilson?

A: I’ve learned a great deal from Rob, and the main thing I have learned from him is how to be harmonized with the car, the surface and myself.

Q: Who would be main challengers for you for the championship?

A: It is hard to say at this point, I guess we shall find out at the first race.

Q: Last year you took part in Formula BMW Asia round at Sepang, any plans to compete in Formula BMW Americas events this year?

A: I have not made plans to take part in the Americas or the Pacific championship yet, but I would love to do the Singapore event and maybe the Interlagos event if it is possible.

Q: Your favorite track?

A: My favorite track would have to be Spa. Mainly because of how fast and flowing the track is with the elevation changes and such. Not to mention Eau rouge…

Q: F1 season starts at the end of this month, who would you put your two Liras on for the title?

A: It is hard to tell at the moment, but I reckon one of the Ferrari drivers or even possibly one of the Brawn drivers.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to rookies this season?

A: My advice would be not to put too much pressure on yourself in the first season as that will stop you from learning. Make sure you enjoy the entire experience as well.

17-year old Kazeem Manzur was born in Milton Keynes, England, and now resides in Florence, Italy. He drives for German based Josef Kaufmann Racing. For more information on his career please visit www.kazeem-manzur.com

This interview was conducted by Nasir Hameed.


Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota diffusers have been given the green light.

Henry LIoyd joins Brawn GP.

BMW will set up one car with KERS for Melbourne.

Brawn GP has informed it’s Brackley-based staff that 275 of them will be laid off.