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Italian F3


It’s a heart-stopping finish for the Italian ACI CSAI Formula and F.3 Championships. After the Formula Abarth struggle on the edge of a thousandth, an exciting Italian F.3 season has come to an end on Monza track. The verdict has been returned only after a vibrant struggle in which three drivers, members of two different teams, were involved.

“Both Formula Abarth and Formula 3 have displayed a charming season finish, whose verdict has been hanged in the balance until the end. The struggle has not only involved different drivers, but also different teams and constructors, therefore, some drivers have acted as holders of the balance of power. It has been a real struggle ‘till the end, so this is an honour to teams and drivers. In many Championships we experience an absolute supremacy, so the final result is clear even some weekend in advance.

The results of our drivers and teams clearly demonstrate the high level of the two series and I can affirm that guys will have a bright future. The performances of those drivers having at least one year’ experience in Formula Abarth behind them, inside other Championships, clearly demonstrate how good our job is”, says Gian Carlo Minardi.

The heated post-race at Monza has changed the track verdict. After some complaints and technical checks , both series standings are still under judgment.  “Unfortunately the Monza racing weekend has been marked by an extra-race event related to a controversy aroused by the two constructors who has handled the F.3 season. If, on the one hand, I’m so sorry about that, on the other hand I’m proud of it, as it’s the only series where two constructors have competed for the leadership ,  setting records. Regarding this unpleasant event, the Federation has  made its presence felt by making several controls on cars and quickly solving the problem, managing teams complaints in an exemplary way. Now it’s up to authorities to draw up the final standing. I’d rather prefer to talk about sport and   moral winners, who are Riccardo Agostini (JD Motorsport team driver on Mygale) and Eddie Cheever (Prema Powerteam driver on Dallara). The driver from Padua ,  who finished first in the Italian Championship, has had the ability to grab the European title to the Prema Powerteam driver, nearly achieving the “en plein”. Kevin Giovesi, the driver of Ghinzani team, who joined the team a long time after the beginning of the racing season,  has held the balance of power. “

The three cars of the series, i.e. the Tatuus FA, the Dallara and the F.3 Mygale have demonstrated to be performing and reliable. “ In these first three years , F.Abarth has represented the most preparatory series to incline drivers towards the world of motor sport. Since the beginning, the car has been distinguished by high performances and safety and our drivers have managed to draw attention to themselves in other important categories  such as F.3 and GP3. Since the category is still so young, it will take so much time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We’re progressing, but quality has to continue to be our strength. Another even more performing category has been the F.3,which has also been the cheapest. That means that our drivers can test themselves behind the wheel of a training car at a lower cost. With a view to 2013 racing season, we’ll try to plan more accessible formats to better fulfill drivers and parents’ needs.

Italian F3

F.3 –  At the “Ring” Nicholas came so close…

ZELTWEG – At the Red Bull Ring, the Austrian circuit where the fifth race of the Italian F3 European Series took place, although Nicholas Latifi had a week-end full of ups and downs, he showed his progressions behind the wheel of a hard-driving car such as a F3.

After a good performance during the two days tests, the JD Motorsport team standard-bearer resolutely got the third and fourth place in the two qualifying rounds which determined the starting grid of the two most challenging races: a 20 minutes race and a 30 minutes + one lap race. The 17-year-old Canadian racer drove his Mygale 18 to the second row, just 3 or 4 tenths behind the second best lap time, setting his two best qualifying times of the whole season.

In race, unfortunately, the lack of experience (we don’t have to forget that Nicholas made a direct transition from karts to cars) driving such a challenging car inside a high-level Championship, undermined all the work done, preventing him to reap the fruits of his labour, although his race pace was almost like the one of top drivers.

NICHOLAS LATIFI: “ What I wanted to do was to improve my qualifying times, so did I. Starting from the second row is really a great achievement and a starting point to get further important results. Unfortunately races weren’t as good as I expected. In race-1, thanks to a good start, I managed to get the lead, but, because of a car clash, I ended up behind the front lines. What a pity! In races I always maintained a good pace, so this makes me confident for the remainder of the season.”

DAVID TENNYSON (driver coach): Nicholas progression this season has been extremely impressive.  Coming straight out of karts into F3 and attaining a top 3 qualifying result by mid season is a fantastic achievement.  With his recent Qualifying performances, racing at the front will be a new challenge for Nicholas and his already steep learning curve.  I am fully confident Nicholas will once again demonstrate his exceptional natural ability and talent behind the wheel as he continues to develop as a driver this season.”

GIOVANNI MINARDI (sport advisor): “ The week-end at the Red Bull Ring was full of ups and downs. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to reap the fruits of our hard labour. Both in the two days tests in July and in qualifying Nicky drove very fastly, showing all his progressions in terms of a single lap speed. Unfortunately in race we didn’t get those places which could be within our reach. This was because of few mistakes due to his lack of experience and unfavourable circumstances. The work done is beginning to deliver its first results, so in Imola we would have a chance to get the results we missed in Austria .”