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F1Weekly podcast # 557


Photo. Robin Miller FB page

Robin Miller. F1 Weekly podcast # 557 proudly features our conversation with Mister Miller. The voice of Indy Car racing has rattled quite a few cages over the years – breaking stories from AJ Allmendinger bailing out from single-seater racing to NASCAR nation to Tony George getting the boot from his sisters.

Miller is from the Hoosier state and raced himself before landing a job at Indianapolis Star where he worked for over three decades. He is the authority on American single-seater racing, and is not afraid to express his opinion or share the result of his ‘investigative’ journalism.

In this conversation Miller shares stories from a life dedicated to Indy Car racing. From Tom Sneva ‘stealing’ a school bus in Mexico City to taking a Frenchman and Swede to Mug N Bun in Indianapolis.