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F1Weekly podcast # 555

Aditya Patel

The Chennai Express

Aditya Patel is a young Indian talent who is quietly but successfully building his racing credentials on European circuits. His racing career started with victory in his first ever kart race and a podium finish on debut in international competition; the Formula BMW Pacific Championship.

Patel was plucked from the Indian racing scene to race in VW Polo Cup in 2009 courtesy of the German manufacturer. Past two seasons he has raced in the Scirocco-R Cup and was placed fifth in the final standings last year.

Impressed by the competition in tin-tops and enthusiasm of European racing fans, “They bring photos of me for autographs racing in India that I have not seen,” Patel said.

This season he will race for Audi in GT3 category with help from their Indian division.

F1Weekly is very pleased to present our conversation with Aditya Patel on our weekend special podcast # 555.

For more information please visit his www.adityaracing.com


— Nasir Hameed