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The Scottish legend to this day is considered by many as the greatest racing driver of all time. His achievements, on both sides of the pond, speak for themselves. His entire Formula One career was spent with one team only; Lotus. Together they won 25 grand prix races, two world championships and the Indy 500.

Clark raced a stock car at Darlington and a Lotus Cortina at Laguna Seca, and in the off-season raced in the Tasman series. His glorious career, and that of nine other British World Champions, is celebrated in Saison 73’s new offering for the 2014 season; Rule Britannia.

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Motorsports Mondial

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain – Mexican driver Esteban Gutierrez is ready to participate in the GP2 official test sessions, which practically initiates the 2012 season of the Formula One feeder series.

The 4.428 km long circuit of Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain, is the stage where team Lotus GP and Gutierrez will do the necessary testing to have a better season start.

“Finally, we have begun after our off-season preparation, where we made a lot of improvement in every aspect such as the physical condition, and took time to analyze what happened last year to try and apply the findings on the new season.

“This season we will be able to put all of that in practice in a very concrete manner in every aspect, as we now have one year experience and I think that will be important; we have to focus on our selves and on the training to evaluate and achieve the improvement we want”.

Official training sessions are very good for the driver, as they represent the beginning of a journey to reach the objectives they have set for 2012, second year for Esteban in GP2.

“The objectives for the year are to be consistent and reach a high level of competitiveness as well as to improve the technical details so we can be strong in qualifying as well as during the race.

“The truth is, that these sessions are very useful because you can test different things in technical terms, you can try new developments although some tests are restricted, but we will be able to further develop part of our suspension and there we could find a little advantage”, he remarked.

Gutierrez expressed that after his GP2 debut last year, he arrives to 2012 with more self confidence and very motivated to have a better year.

The Marussia F1 Team is disappointed to confirm that the planned first test of its 2012 race car – the MR01 – has been delayed as a consequence of not passing the final FIA crash test.

All cars are required to pass 18 FIA-observed tests for homologation to be granted. Despite the fact that the MR01 has passed all 17 of the preceding tests, the regulations require the car to have completed all of the tests before running commences.

The team will now not take part in the final pre-season test in Barcelona later this week (1-4 March) and will instead focus its efforts on repeating the crash test at the end of the week.

Motorsports Mondial

Photo: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

Lotus F1 Team’s 2012 challenger, the E20, has taken to the track for the first time for filming purposes at Jerez ahead of this week’s four-day test.

2007 Formula 1 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen took the wheel for 22 laps of the Circuito de Jerez today in the E20 with which he will contest the 2012 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

The laps were undertaken at non-race speeds for filming purposes, but nevertheless allowed Kimi to gain initial impressions of the car under crystal blue skies at the 4.4 km test venue. This gave the team an opportunity to validate that the assembly of the E20 was fully operational and all systems were working.

The track time followed a presentation of the E20 to press and partners in an event at the circuit with drivers Kimi, Romain Grosjean and Jérôme D’Ambrosio joined by Team Chairman Gerard Lopez, Team Principal Eric Boullier and Technical Director James Allison.

Kimi Räikkönen, driver, Lotus F1 Team: “It’s great to see the E20 at a race circuit and even better to get behind the wheel. It’s always frustrating to be in a new car and not be able to drive it at maximum attack, but thankfully I will have that opportunity for the next two days. My initial impressions are good, I fit comfortably in the car and it feels great in first and second gear; now let’s see what it can do tomorrow.”

Testing gets underway tomorrow for 2012 with the start of four days’ running at Jerez. Kimi will drive for the first two days before handing over to Romain Grosjean for the latter two days.

The team will conduct systems checks and validate the work done at Enstone using the latest specification Pirelli tyres.

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director:
“The main purpose of the first test is to complete as many laps as possible with the E20. This allows us to assess if all systems are working as they should and highlights if there are any areas requiring our attention.”

“We monitor all systems to ensure that everything is operating within the correct temperature range, and functioning as designed. Although we have a very early version of the aerodynamic package here, we are able to validate the track data against our CFD and wind tunnel information.”

“Assessing Pirelli’s latest compound and construction tyres is another objective in Jerez. Although it is quite cold here in the morning, we expect representative track and ambient temperatures during the day, so we should get a good initial impression of their performance with the E20.”

Motorsports Mondial


Kimi Raikkonen’s Formula One return is in full swing in Valencia on Monday , returning with Lotus, tested a 2010 grand prix car for the first time since 2009.

The 2007 world champion with Ferrari and winner of 18 races with the Italian team and McLaren, is returning to Formula One this season after two years in the world rally championship.

Lotus, formerly Renault, said the 32-year-old drove as many laps as possible in the two days at the Spanish circuit to get acquainted with his new team and reacclimatize him with F1 machinery.

Kimi: “It was nice to get back in the car; it was quite a few years since I have driven last time, so of course it takes a little while to get used to it. But the main driving, braking, turning and normal things doesn’t take many laps. Of course to start learning about the car and the team and tyres and everything, that will take time,”

Alan Permane :”The day went pretty much as we planned, which is great. Kimi was on the pace we expected straight away. He completed around 300km, going through three sets of tyres. It leaves us with four sets for tomorrow, meaning we can run a bit longer. We worked on getting him comfortable in the car, giving him a feel for the setup changes, and helping him get to know his engineers. It’s always great to work with a top driver who is not just quick, but professional, and Kimi has all of those characteristics. His feedback is excellent, his requests are concise and to the point. We’re looking forward to a good season with him.”

Motorsports Mondial

The Plight & Flight of Lotus

Lotus, like Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, is a magical name in the annals of motor racing history. Mention the name Lotus and one goes into the dream world of Chapman and Clark…..the DFV and 49 at Zandvoort…..the beautiful JPS colors on the 72 in the hands of Fittipaldi and Peterson….Andretti and the ground-effect 79.

The purists mourned the passing of Team Lotus in December 1982 with the death of founder and driving force; ACBC, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman.

The team soldiered on after the passing of Chapman. A brief but very bright flicker of hope appeared in the name of Ayrton Senna, who would splash the competition in the rain soaked 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix to record the first win of his great career.

A trio of Peters, Warr, Wright and Collins, tried to save the team but harsh realities of the F1 world forced the team to shut down. When the checkered flag fell on the 1994 Australian Grand Prix Grand Prix the race in F1 was over for Team Lotus.

Or so we thought.

David Hunt, another link to the past and brother of ’76 World Champion James Hunt, bought the rights to the name Team Lotus. His desire to put the team back on the track was never matched by the finances required. For more than a dozen years the name Team Lotus was confined to the archives and memoirs of motor racing; along with legendary names like Auto Union, Bugatti, Cooper, Maserati etc.

Or so we thought.

One of the last Mosley mantra mandated an expanded grand prix grid. The politics of F1 being what they are, while Dave Richards’ well established racing operation Pro Drive was denied an entry, slots were awarded to an Australian journalist, Peter Windsor, and his American engineer partner, Ken Anderson, his claim to fame in F1 was some ‘le qualitie’ time at Ligier.

Also in the cockpit of a new F1 team was Tony Fernandes of Air Asia fame. The well liked Malaysian entrepreneur entered into an agreement with Group Lotus, beneficiary of Proton’s Malaysian petro-dollars, to use the Lotus name.

The story is the Malaysians were disappointed to discover their purchase of Group Lotus did not come with the right to the name Team Lotus; resting in peace with David Hunt since the demise of the racing team.

Dany Bahar, the Turkish golden boy of Group Lotus who previously worked for Red Bull and Ferrari, now wants to not only challenge Fernandes to the Team Lotus name but also take on such motoring icons as Ferrari and Lamborghini in the top tier of sports car world. In the current financial climate one can only wish him grand gesundheit.

Stakes are high and so are the political connections on both sides. Turn

coats are appearing in tuxedos as and when convenient. By the time the F1 circus reaches its birth place Silverstone for the big show in July, chances are the English Judge would have rested his cup of tea and the case of Lotus vs Lotus.

Or so we think.

— Nasir Hameed


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Motorsports Mondial

Image from the 2011 Calendar “Americana

Mario Andretti. Autodromo aspirations. Teenage dreams of a young Italian boy who saw his hero, Alberto Ascari, race at Monza in 1954 became very big success in America.

Mario was ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Indy in 1965, and three years later made his Grand Prix debut in style, from pole position at Watkins Glen in his Lotus. His first drive in a Formula 1 Ferrari resulted in victory in the 1971 South African Grand Prix. In 1977 he scored two home wins, “spiritual” at Monza and “adopted” at Long Beach. The following season relentless pursuit of a lifetime goal was achieved at Monza, making Andretti only the second American to become World Champion.

There were victories also in the Indy and Daytona 500s, Pike’s Peak and Sebring 12 Hours. Mario Andretti. A man for all seasons.

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