Enzo Guibbert Volant Euroformula 2012

The EUROFORMULA driving school is an amazing training option for youngsters who dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver or who want to turn motorsport into a career, and the best drivers from each “Volant Euroformula” are today racing in national and international championships: 

–          The EUROFORMULA School was founded in 1997 and has since trained more than 30,000 drivers.

–          In order to spot new talent, the Euroformula school and its director, Laurent Fradon, organised the first “Volant Euroformula” in 2010

–          More than 120 drivers have taken part in the “Volant Euroformula” since its inception

–          The three previous winners are Paul Loup Chatin, Simon Gachet and Enzo Guibbert

–          An award of 60,000 euros goes to the winner.

–     Paul Loup Chatin, the winner of the first “Volant Euroformula” took part in the ALPS Championship and Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, with some notable successes. This year he has thrown himself into the Le Mans Series Championship where he is leading the LMPC class with a victory. As well as competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup France, Paul Loup Chatin is the Alpine Junior driver in Endurance. 

–     Simon Gachet who succeeded Paul Loup Chatin on the roll of honour, finished on the 3rd step of the podium in the 2012 French F4 Championship. A true exploit for a young man who was only in his second year of competition and had never touched karting! This year he takes part in the ALPS Championship and drives a Formula Renault 2.0 for the Arta Engineering team, a few podium finishes should be on the cards soon 

–     Enzo Guibbert, when he came out head and shoulders above the rest in his finals became, at 16, the youngest winner of the “Volant Euroformula”! Up against some fierce competition, Enzo showed us not only that he has an exceptional gift for speed, but also great maturity. He takes part this year in the French GT Championship at the wheel of a Porsche for the Pro GT team managed by the experienced Philippe Alméras, who should be able to expedite his apprenticeship in this discipline. From his very first race in Le Bugatti, Enzo Guibbert was a surprise when he stepped up to 2nd on the podium in Race 2. Unlucky on the Imola circuit, in the second round of the championship, the young “Volant Euroformula” 2012 has the firm intention of racing in lead positions, June 8 and 9, on the Spa Francorchamps circuit. 

And not just the winners, other drivers are also front of stage in national and international motorsport like, for example, Alexandre Cougnaud (European F3 Open), Joffrey de Narda (ALPS Championship), Jules Gounon (French F4 Championship), Jordan Perroy (European F3 open), Darius Oskoui (ALPS Championship), Simon Tirman (ALPS Championship), Victor Sendin (Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0)… 

Without a doubt the Euroformula School has produced a lot of good drivers and Laurent Fradon, the director, tells us why:
We are the last true single-seater driving school in France with both tried and tested, and recognised training methods. It was logical for us to create a “Volant” in order to help the winner financially and also train all our students in single-seater racing. What we notice is that a good number of our drivers all shine in their respective discipline, demonstrating, if there was still such need, the level of skill the participants in the “Volant Euroformula” have. Our objective is to perpetuate a “Volant” in France because there aren’t any others anymore!” 

Make a date for the semi-finals and finals of the “Volant Euroformula” 2013 to find out who will succeed Enzo Guibbert on the Roll of Honour and pocket the €60,000 reward!

Euro Formula

Eric Dermont et Enzo Guibbert



For his debut in the French FFSA GT Championship, the “Volant Euroformula” 2012, Enzo Guibbert, made it to the second step of the podium in his second race after he finished ninth in Race 1! Behind the wheel of his Porsche 997 GT3-R managed by Philippe Alméras, Enzo outwitted all the traps and climbed level with the best. 

Enzo Guibbert showed his promise from the first free practice where he made second best time before qualifying in eighth position despite losing some time because of the traffic in his fast lap which prevented him from qualifying higher. 

For Race 1, his co-driver, Eric Dermont, ran a good relay before handing the wheel over to Enzo Guibbert mid-race. But two laps later the rain appeared bringing with it the safety car which did not do Enzo and his team any favours. The race was restarted for two laps during which the “Volant Euroformula” overtook three cars to finish ninth in a race that was cut short. 

For Race 2, it was Enzo Guibbert’s turn to take the start but, from the second lap, the safety car appeared again due to an accident. The Pro GT team opted for an aggressive strategy by quickly taking to the pits which allowed Porsche N°2, driven by his co-driver Eric Dermont, to take the race lead. After a fierce battle with his immediate pursuer, Eric Dermont had to relinquish his lead position two laps before the end. Though second place, it was still a satisfactory result in more than one aspect as the “Volant Euroformula”, Enzo Guibbert, explains to us: 

“If our objective was to reach a podium, then to make it happen confirms that we had worked well all weekend and that I had improved in all domains. I was just as comfortable in the rain as I was on dry which is promising for the future because I can only get better. Victory was close and this result was outstanding for my first GT race, bring on the next one! My co-driver, Eric, did a superb job and I want to thank the whole Pro GT team for guiding me so well. If I were to have one small regret, it would be in the qualifiers when I was held up and that was probably what stopped me getting into the second line. Better traffic management is part of my apprenticeship and I should do better next time.” 

For Laurent Fradon, the director of the Euroformula School, this excellent result confirms his hopes: 

“I told you he would amaze more than one of us! This result did not happen by accident. Enzo is talented and he knew when to seize his opportunity without making any mistakes, despite weather conditions that were sometimes difficult, and still he was fast. This second place calls for more and a victory must surely be around the corner.” 

Enzo Guibbert will take part in a day of tests on May 2 before the next challenge of the French FFSA GT Championship which will take place on the Imola circuit in Italy on May 18 and 19. Considering how competitive he is, the “Volant Euroformula” should be playing lead roles.



The selections put Pierre COMBOT, Simon TIRMAN, Enzo GUIBBERT, Victor SENDIN, Darius OSKOUI, Maxime RAPHOZ, Joffrey de NARDA, Julien GOUPIL, Jordan PERROY, Cyril RAYMOND and Amaury ROSSERO head-to-head in the semi-final on the LA CHATRE circuit behind the wheels of Formula Renault 2.0s pulled from the hat by the senior instructor Joel de Miguel.

The five best students then moved up into the final which took place the next day in the following order, chosen according to their place in the ranking:

Enzo GUIBBERT (1st in the semi-final), Jordan PERROY (3rd), Pierre COMBOT (2nd), Simon TIRMAN (4th) and Cyril RAYMOND (5th) who will remain the revelation of these semi-finals.

For the final, all the drivers used the same single-seater shod with new tyres worn in by Simon GACHET, the 2011 winner. The best average over five laps would once again be the decider.

When all five drivers had finished, the Presidents, Jean Pierre JAUSSAUD and Philippe SINAULT as well as the Members of the Jury Gilles GAIGNAULT, Pierre GILBERT and Nelson PANCIATICI unanimously declared Enzo GUIBBERT the winner. He succeeds Paul Loup CHATIN and Simon GACHET, the winners of 2010 and 2011.

Pierre COMBOT, whose performance was memorable even though he had not touched the wheel of a single-seater since 2007, finished second in this final and a brilliant and consistent Jordan PERROY stepped up on the third step of the podium.

Enzo GUIBBERT who dominated this final head and shoulders above the others, was awarded the € 60,000 bursary, the RALF TECH WRX Hybrid Steel watch and all the driver equipment from P1 ADVANCED RACEWEAR.

The young man of 17 was visibly moved: “When I came here to take part in the selections in July, I liked the track straight away. I was motivated and came to win. I was focused from the start and I decided to attack from the very first lap. I found a good pace and I felt at ease in the car. Then, as I watched my rivals turns, I thought I could tell that I’d won. Simon Gachet was the first to confirm it to me. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do next year, I’m hesitating between the Formula Renault 2.0 or saloon, Porsche GT3 or a Cup. It’s not the “heart” that will decide but the budget I can put together along with the award I have won thanks to my victory in the VOLANT EUROFORMULA.”

Runner-up, Pierre COMBOT said: “My first lap was good but after that I wasn’t able to raise my game, I found it impossible to go faster. Whatever, Enzo was way above the rest of us and he deserves to win. He drove very well. Well done.” The opinion is the same for Jordan PERROY. Great sportsmanship on the part of his closest rivals!

Laurent FRADON, the Director of the EUROFORMULA School was delighted: “Enzo dominated this VOLANT from the semi-finals and he thoroughly deserves his victory. This win was without a fault! He didn’t buckle under the pressure. Well done, his young career looks promising. We will follow him closely all next year, he is one of the most talented students we’ve had at the school!”

The final word comes to Jean Pierre JAUSSAUD and Philippe SINAULT, the Presidents of the Jury: “Enzo stifled the competition with the fastest laps thanks to his aggressive driving which is what we look for. It was clear. He is the Volant 2012!”

The date is set for the final of the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” 2013 with some important changes which should help the young drivers progress in the best possible conditions.

French F4


The final challenge of the French F4 Championship 2012 took place on the high tech circuit of Le Castellet.  For Simon Gachet, the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” 2011, the stakes were high because he was only four points short of a podium at the start of the meeting. If he was to reverse the situation he would have to find the pace which made him one of the strong players at the start of the season. Mission accomplished for Simon Gachet who, after a nice comeback, crossed the finishing line in third place of Race 2, which definitely landed him in third place of the French F4 Championship 2012.

Yet the path which led the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” 2011 to rise up on the podium was not easy. His free practice was disrupted with a mechanical problem and a drying track, where the last lap is crucial. Simon Gachet was on the starting grid of Race 1 and 2 in 7th and 4th place respectively.

The first race was difficult, a competitor in a 180 spin forced him to take the outer line of the Signe bend and he found himself down in 11th position before climbing back up to 7th place. Neck and neck with his direct opposition for the final podium, everything came down to the second race where the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” had absolutely to get ahead of him, which he did!

Simon Gachet: “I am really happy with this third place in the championship even if I was aiming higher at the beginning of the season some poor performances decided otherwise. It’s only my second season in motorsport and I know I still have a lot to learn. I want to thank all the people who have supported me, especially the EUROFORMULA school which allowed me to join the Auto Sport Academy, without who it would not have been possible.”

“Rather it’s us that thank him,” says Laurent Fradon, the Director of the EUROFORMULA School, “he fully justified his title as he stepped up for 3rd place of the final podium. On top of that he never buckled under the pressure and showed the driving qualities we hoped he had. Do not forget that Simon doesn’t have the same background as the rest of the competitors and he will not be able to show the full range of his abilities for another year or two. That also explains his lower results during the year. Simon will now do us the honour of coming to the grand final of the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” 2012 which takes place on the La Chatre circuit on November 7 and 8.”

Paul Loup Chatin’s podiums in the ALPS 2011 and 2012 added to those of Simon Gachet in the French F4 Championship 2012, show that the winners of the “VOLANT EUROFORMULA” are among the best drivers in the country, nobody wins a “VOLANT” by chance!