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Motorsports Mondial

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Season stats confirm Roberto Merhi’s dominance

Roberto Merhi (Prema Powerteam) did not only win the 2011 Formula 3 Euro Series title but also secured the top position in nearly every season statistic: He won more races than anybody else, secured more podiums than any other driver, clinched the biggest number of poles for the first and the third races – and the biggest number of fastest race laps also was set by the Prema driver. In the end, there was just one statistic where he didn’t prevail: when it comes to first places in the practice sessions and pre-event tests, he was defeated by Sweden’s Felix Rosenqvist (Mücke Motorsport).

A total of seven drivers were the quickest in one or several pre-event tests or practices sessions – but only Merhi, Marco Wittmann (Signature), Daniel Juncadella (Prema Powerteam) and Nigel Melker (Mücke Motorsport) succeeded in confirming this performance by setting the fastest (pole for race three) or the best second-fastest lap (pole for race one). Here, champion Merhi delivered in particularly impressive style by securing a total of eight pole positions. In four qualifying sessions he set the fastest lap time and four times he set the best second-fastest qualifying lap

Altogether, the Spaniard was involved in 20 presentation ceremonies while he didn’t make it to the top three in just seven races. And in 11 of his 20 presentation ceremonies, he even received the trophy for the race winner. Second position in the podium-finish ranking was secured by Daniel Juncadella (14 podiums), thus underlining the dominance of Prema Powerteam in the 2011 season. In addition to the drivers’ championship courtesy of Roberto Merhi, the Italians also secured the title for the best team in the 2011 season. Vice-champion Marco Wittman secured just one podium less than Juncadella and in the race-win ranking, he finished second behind Merhi, with five successes under his belt. In this statistic, Juncadella had to share the third position with the best rookie of the season, Nigel Melker: both drivers celebrated for Formula 3 Euro Series race wins, this year. A total of seven drivers secured one race win at least and 12 of the hopeful young guns made it to the podium, with two of them – Marco Sørensen (Mücke Motorsport) and Tom Dillmann (Motopark) – having been guest racers. Denmark’s Sørensen did so in particularly impressive style: at Silverstone, he did not only celebrate his only podium but even did so by winning a race right away.


Motorsports Mondial

Digital Dialogue with Runaway Stanaway

Meet the Flying Kiwi. Richie Stanaway. The 19-year old from Tauranga is moving rapidly, and successfully, towards his ultimate dream; Formula 1. Stanaway is based in Hilversum, Holland, and is driving for the Dutch team, van Amersfoort Racing.

His motorsports career started at the tender age of six in motocross. In his first year of karting he captured the regional championship in the Rotax Max category. The trend continued in his first year of Formula Ford; dominating season saw him win the championship with 14 victories, nine of those being consecutive.

F1Weekly would like to thank Richie for answering our questions, and we wish him continued in his racing career.

Q  Richie, congratulations on a great start where you are enjoying a winning weekend every time you race in the 2011 German F3 Championship. Is the season going as per the script or has this been a surprise for you?

A  It has been a bit of a surprise to have won a race on every weekend, however, the goal is always to win races so the fact that we have been able to do so means it has gone nicely to plan. If we hadn’t have won races by now we would have been working very hard until we did, and obviously competing with a championship winning team they know what it takes to win and have been able to teach me the necessary skills to do so.

Q  Seven wins from ten starts so far this season; what was the most satisfying victory?

A  The most satisfying would be the first race of the championship, it was my first ever Formula 3 race so to win was an incredible feeling, also with a margin of 10 seconds was for sure un-expected. You do so much preparation during the off season leading up to the first race and there has been so much sacrifice involved in my lifestyle that to win straight away was an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Q  With four rounds remaining who do you expect to be your main challenger for race wins and championship?

A  So far the closest to us on points is Marco Sorenson, but my main focus at the moment is just on improving my own performance and consistently scoring points for the rest of the championship. If we just focus on giving it 100% and doing our best, the results will take care of themselves.

Q  You are now part of Gravity Management, how and when did this deal come together?

A  Shorty after winning Germany’s ADAC Formel Masters championship last year I was offered the chance to test with Gravity against some other drivers from around Europe. I was also offered the opportunity to race in the Formula Renault UK winter cup which was all part of the selection process of Gravity, following that they made the decision and I was chosen to join the program.

Thanks to the support of Gravity they have made it possible for me to continue my racing career in Europe and have given me this great opportunity to compete in German F3 this year.


Q  Last year you won the ADAC Formula Master Championship with complete authority; how different is the European racing scene from what you experienced in New Zealand and Australia?

A  Of course, the environment is very different, and the lifestyle of living abroad on the other-side of the world isn’t easy, however the racing I experienced in New Zealand and particularly Australia I believe was very competitive so I had an adequate and beneficial preparation before coming to Europe at the end of 2009. Aside from that there are subtle differences in the way things are done in Europe which I noticed, and there is a higher density of fast drivers to compete with.

Q  Generally, young Kiwi talent go to the land of Kings and Queens – jolly olde England – what made you decide to race in Germany?

A  My first manager from New Zealand had influential contacts with Volkswagen and in the German motorsport scene and because of that a test was organized for me which took place in Germany and things went from there. After a short time of competing in Germany I soon realized why they are the nation with the most drivers in Formula 1, and it feels great to have been involved in the German motorsport scene for the last 2 years as I think it has been a great place to develop my skills as a racing driver.

Q  Tom Blomqvist is one of your competitors in German F3 and also grew up in New Zealand; did you ever race against him back home?

A  I raced against him once at a Karting race in Auckland, but apart from that we haven’t had much involvement with each other. But I think it’s cool to have two drivers from the same backyard competing on the other side of the world.

Q  Have you ever met Chris Amon?

A  I haven’t met Chris Amon, although I read his biography a few years ago from my school library and have been very fond of his past achievements in F1. My current team boss also says that he was his favorite driver back in the day.

Q  Looking ahead, where would you like your career to be in three years?

A  In three years my goal is to be driving in Formula 1, that’s a realistic time frame for it to happen, so in the meantime I am working extremely hard on using the time now to prepare myself. With gravity it will all depend on my results in the next 2 years, I need to show that I am capable and win races. I don’t see it as a huge amount of pressure; I just see it as a great opportunity.

Q  Your thoughts on the final lap of the Canadian Grand Prix?

A  The last few laps of the Canadian Grand Prix left me feeling very inspired, I really admire both Jenson Button & Sebastian Vettel and to see such a close battle at the end was great. Sometimes it’s also interesting to see that even the best in the world can make mistakes.

Q  Do you follow American racing series like Indy cars or NASCAR?

A  Not as closely as I would like. I never manage to find it on TV here so I rarely get a chance to see the races.

Q  Please tell us about Richie Stanaway. The young man not the race car driver; your taste in music and food and what other sports you enjoy watching?

A  I’m a big fan of house/electro type music, but also go along with most good chart music which is on the radio; also Kings of Leon is probably my favorite band. Food depends a lot on which part of Europe I’m in but don’t have a particular preference for anything but just try to keep it as healthy as I can.

Apart from watching F1 which is by far the sport I enjoy watching the most, I also enjoy watching the Olympics when it comes around every 4 years, I like to ponder about how much preparation everyone puts into it and how far people push the limits of human performance.

The Tour de France is also very cool to watch, I just finished reading one of Lance Armstrong’s books which gave me a whole new insight into the world of cycling and the amount of effort they put in, for me it’s something I can aspire to.

Weekly would like to thank Richie for answering our questions, and we wish him continued success in his racing career.

For more information on this exciting racing talent please visit www.richiestanaway.com


— Nasir Hameed

F1weekly podcast # 502

Jack Harvey

Photo By: Peter Brazier

Podcast number 502

Motorsports Mondial with Nasir Hameed and…

This weeks special interview: British F3 driver Jack Harvey.

Jack was born in April 1993 and comes from a family of motorsports enthusiasts. He won the 2006 Super 1 British Junior Championship and was 2007 European KF3 karting champion. In 2008, he was Asia Pacific Champion.

In 2009 he made the jump to single seaters and was a race winner in his rookie year in Formula BMW Europe. Last year he led the championship from race 1 and in the final round he was taken out in the race at Monza which was not very cool, and he finished second in the championship. Seven wins and 13 poles from 16 races is proof positive he has the right stuff.

This year he is again supported by Racing Steps Foundation and has moved into the cut throat world of British Formula 3 with Carlin Motorsport.

According to Jack the best part of racing is winning and the worst part is traveling. Please tweet him if you have paid 25 quids for a night at Premier Inn! In between there is the good part of listening to F1Weekly. Please enjoy our conversation with the talented Mister Harvey on podcast # 502.

Jack invites you to his all new website www.jackharveyracing.com

— Nasir Hameed

Cheers and racing regards


According to Jack the best part of racing is winning and the worst part is traveling. Please tweet him if you have paid 25 quids for a night at Premier Inn! In between there is the good part of listening to F1Weekly. Please enjoy our conversation with the talented Mister Harvey on podcast # 502.

Jack invites you to his all new website www.jackharveyracing.com

F1weekly podcast # 466

Podcast number 466

Drivers pleased with Korean GP circuit.

Robert Kubica fastest in final practice.

Motorsports Mondial with Nasir Hameed.

This weeks Interview, Rally legend Carlos Sainz and…

Korean Grand Prixview with our own F1 Femme fatal Desiree.



Giancarlo Fisichella is the favourite to join star 2009 debutant Kamui Kobayashi at Sauber for F1 2010

“I’m happy that they can participate in the Championship next year, I would like to be able to collaborate with a team I know and I got on very well with them: together with Ferrari we’ll see if that will be possible.”

Carlos Sainz wins the Dakar Rally.

“It has been a very important day for me, Spain has finally won the Dakar with cars and I’m delighted. I want to thank Lucas Cruz for his great work and to all the team, and everybody who put their trust in me.

“We haven’t had any problems, and the car doesn’t have a scratch. I think we have done a fast but intelligent Dakar. It has been a very hard fight with my team-mate. We knew it would be that way. As I said before, I want to thank everyone who trusted in me.”