F1Weekly Podcast #137 (02-17-2007)


Podcast 137 – with Desiree

On today’s show she discusses the following topics:
Brickstone – Testing their hard compounds
REN – Pat Symonds admits they need more speed, could be due to tyres/tires but not to panic , + they quit the GPMA <-the collaborators
SCHUMI – rumors
FER – Felipe doesn’t miss Michael -shocker! FM stands up for FER design
RBR – DC tops sheets one day!
STR – Launches new car, only Tonio there no Scotty
WIL – Encouraged by progress, Sam Michael says his 2 drivers are what they need,  THEY are the ones that developed the Toyota seamless gearbox
Willis – Geoff wants back in F1 maybe to Prodrive?
HON –  Marco to do FRI USGP driving?,  car not as far ahead as they’d like…
SA – Taku goes the distance

Plus she is joined by Christopher for a quick Motorsports Mondial.