Final descent



Formula One – The Final Descent. As Etihad Airways Airbus 340 proudly displays its new colors for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Captain Max Mosley and Flight Officer Bernard Ecclestone are feeling loss in cabin pressure. The friendly skies between the power brokers of Formula One is now experiencing severe turbulence as their authority is hijacked by the formation of a separate series by FOTA.

A hard landing is expected for both sides. Mosley has threatened legal action against the eight teams unwilling to buckle their seatbelts per his announcement. Flying in first class with the magic and myth of Ferrari name is FOTA Chief Luca di Montezemolo.

As Formula One cars race by hangar straight in Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, racing fans around the world are hoping the next few weeks will see the arrival of common sense. Etihad is the Arabic word for United, and that’s what Formula One should be when the 2010 season takes-off.

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