Motorsports Mondial

Renault F1 willing to supply more teams in 2011 with Williams and Lotus lining up.

Remi Taffin: “We don’t know which teams we will be supplying next year, We certainly have got the capacity to supply more than the two teams we have been doing this year, it’s not a big problem for us.

Obviously we have to produce a few more engines and get some more people to do the job. As far as getting an engine ready and supplying two teams, it’s then not a big problem to do so for three or four teams with an extra effort.”

I have to say it always quite difficult to assess what the overall level power of the engine is,” he said. “We might not have the best level in terms of power, but you have to look overall; how you set up the engine in the car, how you can develop the engine in the car or the car around the engine.

So, I have to say, overall maybe we are not in as bad shape as you hear people say about us, but I am quite happy with this engine.”

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