F1weekly podcast # 436

Pirelli was the winning rubber when Dr. Nino Farina took the checkered flag at Silverstone in the 1950 British Grand Prix, the dawn of Formula 1 civilization. Since then the Milanese company has amassed success in various forms of motorsports all over the world.

Pirelli’s first success came in the 1907 Paris-Peking Rally, which inspired the company to introduce its elongated P logo in 1908.

The company’s products were used by Ferrari to win the 1954 Le Mans 24 Hours with Maurice Trintignant and Froilan Gonzales. Three years later Pirelli shod Maserati won at Sebring 12 Hours with Juan Manuel Fangio and Jean Behra. The same year, 1957, Pirelli departed from F1 scene on a very high mark, helping Fangio to his fifth world championship and his final and greatest Grand Prix triumph at the Nürburgring.

On the rallying front Pirelli has been involved since the 1970s, most notable success was Sandro Munari’s three in a row Lancia Stratos wins in the 1975-’77 Monte Carlo Rally.

Pirelli’s second foray in F1 circles was in the early ‘80s. Brazilian Nelson Piquet gave the team their first win at Paul Ricard in the 1985 French Grand Prix. Six years later in Canada Piquet would provide their last Grand Prix win in a Benetton.

Currently the company is exclusive supplier in WRC, GP3, Grand Am, Ferrari Challenge and World Super Bikes.

With Bridgestone following Japanese giants Honda and Toyota in their F1 exodus we welcome an old F1 friend back to the Grand Prix circuit. Pirelli will be the exclusive supplier from 2011 to F1 and GP2 teams.

Pirelli is also one of the largest manufacturers of cables.

Funiculi, Funicula!

Nasir Hameed

Heavenly regards from California.

Pirelli tyres to become sole supplier to Formula 1 replacing Bridgestone.

The 107 percent rule to return to qualifying in 2011.

Adjustable rear wings to replace adjustable front wings.

Renault and Mercedes to bring Red Bull type exhaust for Valencia.

USF1 Is fined and banned from any FIA championships.

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