Formula One

Car 1, Sebastian Vettel
“This is a tough circuit for drivers and cars. Overall we can be happy with today, but let’s see what we do tomorrow, it’s still Friday and today’s results are not so conclusive as some drivers got stuck in traffic etc. Most important is that the car seemed to work on either tyre, so we go from there. The kerbs have been changed this year, which is an improvement.”
Car 2, Mark Webber
“The second session was useful today. I had a good feeling with the car and we seem to be more competitive here. We need to keep chipping away, also because the track will change a bit by tomorrow, so we need to be ready for that, but a solid start. I think we can be strong on Sunday, we need to execute a clean Saturday first, but so far so good.”
First Practice Session
Position: 1, Best Time: 1:50.566, Laps: 24
Second Practice Session
Position: 1, Best Time: 1:48.340, Laps: 27
First Practice Session
Position: 6, Best Time: 1:51.655, Laps: 19
Second Practice Session
Position: 4, Best Time: 1:48.964, Laps: 26