2013 F1 Calendar

Faded Glory Gallery

Snapshot from one of the featured teams in the 2013 Vintage F1 calendar

Matra. True blue. Jean-Pierre Beltoise gave Matra Sports their first racing success in the 1965 Formula 3 race at Reims.

Jackie Stewart gave Matra their first Formula 1 win at Zandvoort and with two more wins finished second in the championship. In 1969, Tyrrell’s Matra International helped the French manufacturer win the constructors’ championship while Stewart took his first title with six victories.

Chris Amon almost won the French Grand Prix for Matra at Clermont-Ferrand in 1972, the team’s final year in F1. The following three years Matra would rule at Le Mans.

Elf petroleum financed the construction of their V12 engine. The sound of Matra V12 is still fondly remembered by racing fans around the world.

The photo shows Beltoise in the 1971 Spanish Grand Prix at Montjuich Park.

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