Tim And Des


F1weekly correspondent Désirée met forum member BMWTim  on 4/4/13 as part of our community outreach program to instill goodwill amongst Formula 1 fans locally.

Tim, a graduate engineering student at the prestigious Stanford University made the trek to Santa Cruz California for the opportunity to meet out F-1 Femme fatale in person.  They met at a local brewery for conversation and fellowship.

Tim came from New Jersey originally, born to a father that followed F1 back in the Mario Andretti days.  It wasn’t until the BMW Team came into F1 that Tim himself felt drawn to the sport and he became a fan.  He reminisced with Désirée about Dr. Mario Theissen and Juan Pablo Montoya.

He started listening to F1weekly he estimates about 3 or 4 years ago, is also a forum member, and recently recorded a Tech Talk segment discussing the glory of carbon fiber.  He confessed that he became a Weekly after the golden age of the podcast in which Désirée was a weekly contributor and podcast member.  But his curiosity about the First Lady of F1Weekly got the best of him and he wanted to be able to see the legend first hand and get to know her and here in inside scoop of the early days of F1W and the behind-the-scenes gossip.  He likes the opinions of the F1Weekly staffers and finds it handy to listen to the show in the week after the race.

Tim and Désirée found they have in common, their current favorite driver Kimi Raikkonen, both understanding the subtleness of his persona and his frank manner of speaking, as well as his skills behind the wheel.

What Tim hadn’t known about was that our female correspondent used to contribute weekly on the podcast and took a special interest in reporting the technical tidbits.  She told him about the early days, starting with Podcast 5 where she called Clark and Steve up and spoke by speakerphone for the recording.  The show progressed to using Skype, and Désirée told him about how she’d research all the latest F1 news, and had several pages of copy to report on weekly.

Then, over a pint of Amber Ale and a Mango Margarita (guess who drank what?), F1Weekly trivia and gossip came out.  The two exchanged stories of their Grands Prix event attendance, and favorite race moments.  Désirée told him of the Team’s time at the last USGP at Indianapolis, our name on the marquee, interviewing Jean Michel of Speed Channel, and our Listener party.  Tim spoke of meeting The Host of the Program and F1Weekly’s Man in the Know but stated that he never had dinner with either of them (possibly because our F1 Femme Fatale is gorgeous, in a full-bodied way and they are not?).  Tim was presented with an autographed photo of our fabulous female F1 femme fatale, which he stated he already has a spot to hang it on his wall.

They closed the night with Tim, speaking of behalf of the Listeners, by saying he’d like it if there was more Des in the podcast, and that he appreciates everything that F1Weekly does for the motorsport.

As they parted ways, Tim could be heard saying off into the night, “Bring back Monty (Juan Pablo Montoya)…”