F1Weekly podcast # 630

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - British Grand Prix - Practice Day - Silverstone, England

Clark and Nasir Hameed are all over the Pirelli disaster at the British Grand Prix! We’ve got Motorsports Mondial and 50 words from the forum and here is Paul Di Resta’s thoughts on the German Grand Prix…

Paul, Silverstone was a mix of highs and lows. What was your final verdict on Sunday night?
The important thing is that we came away with more points, which is always positive. It was a good recovery given where we started and keeps up our momentum in the championship as it’s my seventh points finish of the season. You always think about how things might have been different, but we’ve come away feeling relatively satisfied with the outcome.
It’s a quick turnaround for Germany. What are your expectations?
It’s a very different track and not so demanding on the tyres compared to Silverstone. We should be competitive and if we can maximise all three days we will be in good shape. I’ve only raced at the Nurburgring once in Formula One a couple of years ago and I got hit going into the first corner so it would be good to put things right this weekend.
Do you enjoy the track?
I know the place well from my DTM days, although we always used to race on the shorter version. The weather is always a factor there because of the location and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some rain at some point. The track is a mix of everything, but it’s important to have good mechanical grip to perform well in the slower sections at the start and end of the lap.