Each Concours Sunday, during our celebration of many of the world’s greatest cars, we also honor one person. This year we honored Bob Devlin—and we hope you join us in recognizing his contributions to the Pebble Beach Concours and the collector car world.
Bob Devlin first restored a car—a 1931 Ford Model A Victoria Coupé—at the age of 11, so he was a car guy from childhood. But it was his first trip to the Pebble Beach Road Races and Concours d’Elegance, as a teenager in 1952, that would capture his imagination—for which we are grateful.
A few years ago Bob talked about his first memories of Pebble Beach:
“I recall the rush I felt watching racecars barrel around the tight twists and turns of Del Monte Forest. But it was the sound even more than the sight that stays with me. The tall pine trees seemed to be megaphones, increasing the volume with their echoes. I also remember wandering, bedazzled, among the many fantastic cars displayed on the lawn of Del Monte Lodge [now The Lodge at Pebble Beach] … and wishing more than a few were mine.”
Bob went on to race sports cars himself, and he has participated in and organized many concours, tours and rallies. Bob was named an Honorary Judge this year, after serving for over 30 years among our Class and Chief Class Judges. He has been particularly active in the Ferrari Club of America, serving as a judge at all levels, as a national secretary, and as the Chairman of its 1994 International Meeting.
During the awards ceremony this year, Bob Devlin received the Lorin Tryon Trophy. This trophy recognizes an automotive enthusiast who has contributed significantly to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the collector car world. The trophy is named for the man who served as this event’s Co-Chairman for nearly three decadesa man whose passion and expertise drew the most elegant cars to Pebble Beach year after year. In awarding Bob the Lorin Tryon Trophy, Concours Chairman Sandra Button emphasized what Bob has done at Pebble Beach:
“Bob, you were the first person to make an effort to collect and preserve our history. In the late 1970s, you collected photographs, posters and programs,as well as records of race and Concours participants and winners. You also taped early interviews with race and Concours organizers and participants. And you gathered all of these things into a magnificent book Pebble Beach: A Matter of Style. You went on to write another book about our posters. And you’ve helped us with the 50th and 60th anniversary books and numerous articles for our publications. In doing so, you have saved not only our history, you have saved and preserved the history of over 5,000 cars.
“Bob has said he returns to the Pebble Beach Concours time and again ‘because it has become a part of me—just as it is a part of many people.’
“Bob, we want to tell you that the reverse is also true: You have become a part of this Concours. You have given a large part of yourself to this event—and you have bettered it.
Betsy Devlin embraces husband Bob Devlin after he is awarded the Lorin Tryon Trophy.
This year Bob joined the ranks of our Honorary Judges for the first time, after serving for over 30 years
as a Class and Chief Class Judge.
Thank you Bob!