Renault F1 in the desert.



Desert Frog: The Renault Road Show reaches Dubai. The glitz, glamour and financial capital of UAE, the United Arab Emirates. Test driver Romain Grosjean and demo driver Adam Khan raced their Renault R28s across the Arabian desert, another first for the globe trotting world of Formula 1.

Grosjean commented: “Racing in the desert was obviously different to anything I’ve experienced, but it was great to come here and do something that hasn’t been done before.” The sands of time may soon shift in Grosjean’s favor if team’s number two driver, Nelsinho Piquet, continues to get blown away by Fernando Alonso.

The demo driver, Adam Khan, born and raised in England had raced with A1GP Team Pakistan, birthplace of his papito. He was excited to participate in his first road show and said, “I can’t think of a better place to start than Dubai. The road in the desert was a bit dusty but it was smooth and flat so we got up into top gear. Overall it was a lot of fun!”

Local Lord Mohamed Ben Sulayem, FIA’s Vice President for Sport and 14-time Middle East Rally Champion provided quote of the day, “I’m lucky to have many supercars of my own, but nothing compares to this Formula One”.


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