Motorsports Mondial

Aditya Patel

Q: What does this victory mean to you and your career?
A: This is just the beginning of my career and win like this at Nurburgring means a lot to me! From now, things can only get better.

Q: What was your biggest challenge in adjusting from single seaters to tin tops?
A: Well, it was completely different all together and I had to change a bit in my driving. To start with, these saloons are front wheel drive as opposed to the rear wheel drive single seater. The saloon also weighs double that of a single seater and hence requires a slightly different driving style. Nevertheless, it took me a year to adapt to it and now I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Q: Your impression of European tracks and depth of competition?
A: The European race tracks are where some of the biggest events in the world are conducted. I can’t thank my family and sponsors enough for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to race in Europe. The competition is undoubtedly huge. Every youngster who wants to make it big in motorsports, kick-starts his career in Europe. Winning races with such competition is a very special feeling indeed.

Q: Your favorite racing track?
A: Macau!

Q: What is your career goal, race at Le Mans and Daytona 24 hours or follow in the foot steps of countrymen Karthikeyan and Chandok to F1?
A: Frankly, I’m enjoying the saloon car experience. I would love to race in WTCC, DTM, Nascar or even 24 hour GT races. For now, that’s my main focus.

Q: Apart from Chennai/Coimbatore area where are major racing tracks located in India?

A:  Well, these are the only two purpose built race tracks in the country right now. It will be a huge boost for the sport in the country when the new F1 circuit is up and running near Delhi!

Q: What was your first introduction to Motorsports, was there interest in the family?
A: My dad was a successful race driver. He won several races and rallys in India in his 30 years of motorsport. Naturally, I was bitten by the racing bug and drove my first Kart at the age of four! There was no looking back from there.

Q: What series is on your racing radar for next season?
A: It’s still too early to make a decision but I do have my options open. There are several series’ to look at. Right now, I’m doing my homework to see what would be the best, most logical move.

Q: Now that you are a race winner in Europe, what is your advise to aspiring young drivers in India?
A: They’ve all got the talent. I would just advice them to never ever give up!

Q: Who would you like to see win the F1 championship this year?
A: Alonso!

Thank you very much. Racing regards from California.

Nasir Hameed

Motorsports Mondial

Thanks for listening.

Dear Sirs,

I listen to the podcast here in Edinburgh and enjoy it very much. I find
it supplements the BBC’s coverage very nicely – you bring a very
valuable historical and personal touch to my understanding of F1. The
BBC’s coverage often misses out that element – but I guess they don’t
have time on raceday.

Please find attached a photograph of my son, Christopher, next to
Jackie Stewart’s Tyrell 003 at the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.
I believe this is the most successful chassis in the history of the sport.


Michael Calwell