Formula 1

2012 Italian Grand Prix - Saturday


Kimi Räikkönen: “We’ll keep on fighting”

After his unbroken run of Grand Prix and points finishes came to an end at Spa, Kimi Räikkönen is
reloaded and set for the final European race of the season at Monza

You’ve achieved more wins at Spa than any other track, but at Monza you have none; time to
rectify that?

It’s true that I have never won in Italy. For one reason or another things just haven’t worked out for
me, but it doesn’t mean I can’t drive the track. Just because I have not won at a circuit in the past it
doesn’t mean that I won’t win or get a good result there in the future. It is true that I have previously
had some very competitive weekends there – once or twice I have been close to the win – but
something has always gone wrong. Hopefully we will have a real chance to fight for that victory this

How do you feel about Monza as a venue?

It’s a historical place with a unique design where we achieve very high speeds. It’s a real challenge
for everyone to be running so fast and a really good feeling in the car. It’s the home of the Tifosi and
there will be a lot of Finnish fans there too. The atmosphere is just out of reach for every other Grand
Prix. It’s great to go there with everything working well in your car and see how quickly you can go. It’s
the place where we go really, really fast.

What about the challenges of the circuit?

Monza always gives a great challenge. It’s so different compared with the more modern circuits as the
layout means the car needs to be set up differently. To go fast at Monza you need a car that is good
aerodynamically, stable over the kerbs, and has a strong engine as we are using full throttle for most
of the lap. I think we should be pretty good in those areas, but we won’t know exactly how good until
we get out on track.

How do you think Monza should suit the E21?

It’s a unique circuit with the high speeds achieved there and everyone will be running the lowest level
of downforce we see all year. Low downforce has not always been the best for our car, but the factory
has been working hard to get more speed and stability for us with some changes to the car. Let’s wait
and see how the car goes on Friday morning and then we’ll have a better idea of what can be

How do you feel about the DNF you experienced in Spa?

Obviously it was not the first time I’ve had to finish a race early, and most likely it won’t be the last
time either. That said, I’m here to race and I want to finish every time, so for sure what happened in
Spa was not what we were looking for and not ideal for the Championship.

What could you feel in the car?

There were some brake issues at the beginning of the race but we were managing them and it was
going okay. We knew the brakes were hot and you could see the smoke, but I was still able to brake
okay until a part failed and there was no way I could continue.

Was it a shame to see your unbroken records come to an end?

We knew the day would come. We had such a long period of time with the best reliability of all, so it
was only natural that one day luck would go against us.

Romain Grosjean: “I’m really looking forward to racing at Monza”
It’s the race he missed last year, so Romain Grosjean is eager to set the record straight with a strong
performance in this year’s Italian Grand Prix

How much are you looking forward to racing at Monza?

Very much. It’s a race I wasn’t allowed to contest last season and as a racing driver all you want to do
is race, so I can’t wait to take to the track for the first time in practice on Friday morning. It’s a very
historic venue; a beautiful circuit in a fantastic location and racing there is always great. It’s a special
feeling when you are blasting through the park along the Monza straights, and there are so many
really enthusiastic fans there. I have to admit though, it’s not only the racing I’m looking forward to as
Italian cuisine is superb. I’ll be visiting a couple of restaurants during my stay…

What are the challenges of the circuit?

For the designers, you need to have a car that’s very slippery through the air. Then for the engineers,
you have to make the correct decision on gearing to make the most of the slippery car and engine
power along the straights. For the driver in the car, there are a couple of heavy braking areas where
you are slowing from the highest speeds of the year, so you have to be careful to get your braking
right otherwise you can overshoot the corner. You see that quite a few times over the weekend.

Any other considerations?

It can be quite hot there sometimes and it can be hard on the tyres. Considering that this is where we
seem to have an advantage with our car, let’s hope for both! You use the kerbs quite a bit, which
looks good on the slow motion cameras but you certainly know about it in the car! Basically, it’s a
pretty great track.

What are your memories of this circuit?

I was on the podium last time I raced at Monza, which was in the GP2 Series in 2011. Wouldn’t it be
great to return to the podium this year? That’s what we’re trying for, of course, so let’s see what

You had a different strategy to your competitors in Spa; could there be a similar approach at

At Spa, considering where we were in the first half of the race, we had to attempt something a bit
different as raw pace wasn’t our strong point. Then, with the new tyres I felt that the grip was much
higher than before, but I knew that it would be difficult to get the time back. We tried something
different and you never know; had it rained in the middle of the race we could have been well-placed
to take advantage. For Monza, we won’t know what we will do until we’ve run in the practice sessions,
checked all the data and then after qualifying – when we know our grid position – we’ll decide the
options for strategy. Even then it’s not decided, as you have to adapt in the race. Let’s see what

You’re P8 in the Drivers’ Championship and have been scoring points consistently these last
few races; that’s a positive aspect?

Yes, Spa was the third Grand Prix in a row that I’ve been in the points which is good for the
Championship. There are races where we are fast and everything goes well like in Germany, then
there are races when it isn’t as easy like in Spa, so to be still scoring points when things are a little
more tricky is positive. Let’s hope Monza is positive.

Red Bull

David Coulthard and Infiniti Red Bull Racing visited Cuba over the Summer to find out about the country’s classic cars and the mechanics that keep them running. The 60,000 classic cars on Havana’s streets are a result of the country´s revolution: cars can only be bought and sold if they ran on the streets of Cuba before 1959.
As part of his trip, DC raced through some of Havana’s historic neighbourhoods in a 1955 Pontiac for the Cuban Classic Car Rally. He had Tony Burrows, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Support Team Manager, as his navigator as well as two team mechanics. They were all amazed by the cars they saw and mechanics they met.
David said “I’ve heard about the old cars in Cuba but you really need to come here to understand how the cars are held together with bits of whatever they can find. They can’t import spare parts so where most mechanics would take out a broken part and replace it with a new one, here they have to think of creative solutions.”
Tony commented “I was blown away by the skills of these guys, they have nothing to work with and they have kept these cars running for nearly 60 years. The way they get around problems is incredible.”

Coronado Speed Festival

Coronado Speed festival 2012

Fleet Week San Diego Navy Open House Given Green Light by Pentagon—

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has given the green light for the Navy Open House at Naval Air Station North Island, September 21-22, a Fleet Week San Diegoevent.

“I’m excited that Naval Base Coronado has obtained approval to host the 2013 Coronado Speed Festival,” says Commanding Officer Captain Gary Mayes.  “This Open House event is an excellent opportunity for San Diego and the surrounding communities to come out and tour Navy ships and aircraft, as well as see some unique cars and racing.”

This event will allow the community the opportunity to get a glimpse into a Navy base that is the workplace of more than 31,000 service members and civilians, and otherwise closed to the public.  The Open House will include ship tours and static displays of aircraft and other military vehicles.

The NASNI Open House has hosted the Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival for 16 years running.  The “Race at the Base” is one of San Diego’s most successful fundraisers for the military and offers a variety of pulse-quickening events, including more than 250 historic race cars taking to the specially-constructed track on the runway.

Like every year, all active duty, active reserve and their direct-dependent military ID-holders will enjoy free admission to the event. Admission is free for children 12 and under, both military and non-military. 

This year, Coronado Speed Festival pays tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the release of the Vietnam POWs.  San Diego-area members of that group will represent the vets as military Honorary Grand Marshal and will be honored during the Opening Ceremonies on Sunday.

The Navy Open House and Coronado Speed Festival will also feature these can’t-miss attractions:

  • The Military Pit Crew Challenge showcases young sailors and/or marines currently stationed on NASNI and other area installations.  The 10-member teams will be timed as they recreate an actual pit stop, which includes jacking up the car, changing all four tires, fueling up and then pushing it out of the box and across the finish line. 
  • Ship Tour of navy ship currently stationed at NASNI
  • Navy Recruiting will showcase the Navy SEALs Desert Patrol Vehicle:
  • Commands and displays from Naval Air Station North Island

o   Fleet Readiness Center Southwest:

o   Strike Force Training Pacific:

o   Naval Special Warfare Command:


For the public, tickets cost $25 for one day and $35 for both days, in advance on the event website.  Tickets will also be available at the venue ($35 one day and $45 for both days).



Germany Rally World Championship Michael Probst


20130272096Leaders on the final morning of Rallye Deutschland, Dani Sordo and Carlos del Barrio sweated blood and tears on the fourth leg to secure their maiden World Rally Championship win. Citroën Racing thus claimed its thirteenth consecutive win in Germany, the twelfth since the rally joined the WRC calendar. Thanks to the third place secured by Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen, the Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team has cut a large part of their rival’s lead in the Manufacturers’ Championship.

The situation going into day four of the rally was straightforward enough. With a lead of just 8/10ths of a second over Thierry Neuville, Dani Sordo had to push all the way on the two runs on the 24.58km-long Dhrontal stage. As the roads were dry when the drivers chose their tyres, everyone went with soft-compound Michelin Pilot Sport tyres.

In the service park, all eyes were focussed on the green and red squares on the timing screens, which indicate the split times. The start of SS15 went well for Neuville, but Sordo fought back to win the stage by 2.2 seconds. “I made a minor mistake in the first few kilometres of the stage,” reported an out of breath Dani at the stop control. “It was very slippery, with quite a lot of mud towards the end. I concentrated and pushed hard to try and get ahead, but it’s going to go down to the wire!”

At the start of SS16, in which the Power Stage bonus points were up for grabs, Dani Sordo therefore held a three second lead over Thierry Neuville. In other words, not a lot! Quicker on the opening two ‘splits’, Dani could see his rival was slightly ahead of him by the half-way point of the stage. Tied with four kilometres to go, the two drivers were responsible for many a sweaty brow in the service park! In the end, Neuville faltered and went off the road, leaving Dani to win by 53 seconds!

“It’s fantastic to claim my first win after such a close fight,” commented the delighted Spaniard. “We had no choice but to keep applying the pressure and in the end, Thierry was forced into a mistake. We didn’t get off to a particularly good start, but we all worked together to improve. We did the hardest part yesterday, but we had to maintain our form today and that’s exactly what we did. Now that I have my first win, I want some more!”

A long way clear of the fourth-placed driver, Mikko Hirvonen wasn’t competing in the same race as the front two. Adopting a sensible pace, dictated by the split times, he drove in controlled fashion to the end to secure third place. On the podium for the first time since Rally de Portugal, the Finn enjoyed the moment: “Above all, I’m pleased that Dani has finally won his first WRC rally. Of all the WRC drivers, he’s the one who deserves it the most! My result means that the team has closed the gap in the Manufacturers’ World Championship, so the end of the season should be interesting. It’ll be my turn to win in Australia!”

“It’s a great day for the entire team,” concluded Yves Matton, Citroën Racing Team Principal. “Dani has competed in so many rallies with us that we are particularly pleased to have supported him in winning a round of the World Championship. This win ensures that Citroën maintains its unbeaten record in Germany and it equally shows that the DS3 WRC can also win without Sébastien Loeb. We were right not to give up; we’ll be pushing hard in the final part of the season and have every intention of fighting our corner right to the end!” 


1 Sordo / del Barrio Citroën DS3 WRC



2 Neuville / Gilsoul Ford Fiesta RS WRC



3 Hirvonen / Lehtinen Citroën DS3 WRC



4 Prokop / Ernst Ford Fiesta RS WRC



5 Kubica / Baran Citroën DS3 RRC



6 Evans / Barritt Ford Fiesta R5



7 Latvala / Anttila VW Polo R WRC



8 Paddon / Kennard Skoda Fabia S2000



9 Østberg / Andersson Ford Fiesta RS WRC



10 Novikov / Minor Ford Fiesta RS WRC



11 Al Qassimi / Martin Citroën DS3 WRC







Mikko Hirvonen

Jarmo Lehtinen


Dani Sordo

Carlos del Barrio


Khalid Al Qassimi

Scott Martin




Overall standings




Overall standings




Overall standings


SS15: Dhrontal 1 (24.58km)

5th +36.6


3rd +2:04.2










SS16: Dhrontal 2 (24.58km)

6th +35.8


3rd +2:36.1


2nd +3.9











Day 1 – SS1 and SS2: Ogier.

Day 2 – SS3 to SS6: Neuville – SS7 and 8: Latvala.

Day 3 – SS9: Ogier – SS10: Sordo – SS11 and SS12: Ogier – SS13: Sordo – SS14: cancelled.

Day 4 – SS15: Sordo – SS16: Ogier.



Ogier, 6 fastest times – Neuville, 4 – Sordo, 3 – Latvala, 2.



SS1 and SS2: Ogier – SS3 to SS11: Latvala – SS12: Neuville – SS13 to SS16: Sordo.



. S. Ogier, 184 pts

2. T. Neuville, 109 pts

3. JM. Latvala, 98 pts

4. D. Sordo, 96 pts

5. M. Hirvonen, 88 pts

6. S. Loeb, 68 pts

7. M. Østberg, 67 pts

8. M. Prokop, 49 pts

9. E. Novikov, 40 pts

10. N. Al-Attiyah, 30 pts

11. A. Mikkelsen, 26 pts

12. E. Evans, 16 pts

13. R. Kubica, 14 pts

14. B. Bouffier, 10 pts

15. J. Hänninen, 8 pts

16. C. Atkinson, 8 pts

17. M. Kosciuszko, 7 pts

18. K. Block, 6 pts

19. J. Ketomaa, 6 pts

20. S. Wiegand, 4 pts

21. H. Solberg, 4 pts

22. B. Guerra, 4 pts

23. PG. Andersson, 4 pts

24. H. Paddon, 4 pts

25. K. Al-Qassimi, 3 pts

26. O. Burri, 2 pts

27. E. Lappi, 1 pts

28. Y. Al Rajhi, 1 pts



1. Volkswagen Motorsport, 258 pts

2. Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT, 236 pts

3. Qatar WRT, 127 pts

4. Qatar M-Sport WRT, 126 pts

5. Jipocar Czech National Team, 51 pts

6. Abu Dhabi Citroën Total WRT, 37 pts

7. Volkswagen Motorsport II, 30 pts

8. Lotos WRC Team, 20 pts


Colin Turkington

Mixed emotions for double top Turkington—

eBay Motors racer wins twice before Pirtek Racing’s Andrew Jordan claims final race victory at Knockhill—

Colin Turkington fired himself further into championship contention after taking two stunning wins in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship at Knockhill, before a technical infringement in race three saw the Ulsterman disqualified from a vital fourth place.
The 31-year-old won the opener after making his way by the Audi of pole-sitter Rob Austin in the early running. The eBay Motors racer subsequently streaked away from the chasing pack to claim his first ever BTCC victory at the Scottish circuit and he duly doubled up in race two.
Turkington’s second win was far more routine as he cruised to an impressive lights-to-flag victory ahead of Austin and local hero Gordon Shedden, who both reversed their positions from the first race.
Scotsman Shedden seemed set to build on his big points haul in race three but he faced unfortunate late heartache. While running in fifth place the reigning champion’s Honda Civic caught fire due to an engine failure, much to the dismay of the tens of thousands of home fans. He wasn’t the only championship contender to endure disappointment, however, as Turkington was excluded from fourth place when his car was found to have exceeded the maximum boost allowance.
The main benefactors from Shedden and Turkington’s respective woes in the final contest were the championship’s top two, as Pirtek Racing’s Andrew Jordan produced a flawless drive to claim a commanding victory ahead of Honda Yuasa Racing’s Matt Neal and eBay Motors’ Rob Collard – the latter scoring his first podium of the 2013 season.
Austin rounded off his best weekend ever in the BTCC with a fourth place finish, whilst Daniel Welch also produced his highest result of the season with sixth. Sandwiched between them was MG KX Momentum’s Jason Plato who had earlier claimed a fourth and a seventh from the opening races to keep his championship hopes alive.
Neal maintained the standings lead at the conclusion of the event although Jordan edged closer to the championship summit after his race three victory – the 24-year-old is now just six points behind the three-time champion. Shedden and Turkington are separated by three points in third and fourth respectively.
The Jack Sears Trophy provided its usual pulsating action with the lead duo of Liam Griffin and Lea Wood mixing it against a number of NGTC cars throughout the day. Griffin looked set to score an incredible hat-trick after two stellar wins in his Ford Focus ST, but he was nudged out of the race three lead by BTCC debutant Kieran Gallagher in his Team HARD-run Vauxhall Insignia. The victory went to Wood in his Vauxhall Vectra, who now leads Griffin by ten wins to six.

Colin Turkington said: “The car was really on rails today and it was a strong weekend. It was good to win at Croft and we thought that was something like peak performance but it felt even better today. There’s no feeling like being out at the front! When your car works well at a track you have to capitalise, which we did in the first two races. I’d never won here, despite leading before, so it’s great to win at a new track. It’s hard to know how the circuits to come will suit us as it’s the first time we’ll be taking the new BMW to them all, but we’ll keep pushing.”
Andrew Jordan said: “Race three was where we thought we could get the win and thankfully we did. We went with the soft tyre and got a really good start, which was ideal and it was a great race after that. The championship is going to be up and down for everyone and there are still nine races to go. Anything can happen in touring car racing, and it usually does, so we’ll just keep to our plan by trying be consistent and hopefully I’ll end up as champion.”
Matt Neal said: “I think that every point you get is vital whether it’s a fifth place, a seventh or the podium that we picked up in race three. You’ve just got to grab what you can because the competition is pretty tough and it’s not easy out there. I’d had a pretty tough weekend so it was a relief to see the podium again – this championship could come down to the odd point. I said before this weekend that Turkington could be the one to watch and we’d all be foolish to discount Plato too, but it’s great to have three Civics in the top three of the championship.”
Gordon Shedden said: “That’s the first engine I’ve ever had blow in touring cars so I can’t complain too much. It doesn’t help with the points of course as it’s all well and good having two good results but you need to convert results in all three races. There’s no room for error but I’ve kept chipping away since Thruxton, so it’s tough to take when you get within ten points of the championship and then fall away again with this. There’s still a lot of races to go though so we’ll give it absolutely everything until the end of the season.”

2013 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship – Knockhill race results:

Race 1

1 Colin Turkington  (eBay Motors)27 Laps
2 Gordon Shedden(Honda Yuasa Racing)+3.452
3 Rob Austin(WIX Racing)+4.229
4 Jason Plato(MG KX Momentum Racing) +6.867
5 Adam Morgan(Ciceley Racing)+7.364
6 Robert Collard(eBay Motors)+7.939
Race 2
1 Colin Turkington (eBay Motors) 24 Laps
2 Rob Austin (WIX Racing) +1.821
3 Gordon Shedden (Honda Yuasa Racing) +4.658
4 Robert Collard (eBay Motors) +5.075
5 Matt Neal (Honda Yuasa Racing) +8.738
6 Andrew Jordan (Pirtek Racing) +9.520
Race 3

1 Andrew Jordan (Pirtek Racing) 26 Laps
2 Matt Neal (Honda Yuasa Racing) +3.962
3 Robert Collard (eBay Motors) +4.440
4 Rob Austin (WIX Racing) +9.206
5 Jason Plato (MG KX Momentum Racing) +12.782
6 Daniel Welch (Welch Motorsport with Sopp + Sopp) +15.899
Championship Standings:

1 Matt Neal (Honda Yuasa Racing)      293     
2 Andrew Jordan    (Pirtek Racing)     287     
3 Gordon Shedden  (Honda Yuasa Racing)    266     
4 Colin Turkington   (eBay Motors)    263     
5 Jason Plato  (MG KX Momentum Racing)   239     
6 Sam Tordoff (MG KX Momentum Racing)   197      


Adam Morgan received a 2.5s penalty for gaining an unfair advantage in race one

Nick Foster received an official reprimand for an incident relating to driving standards in race one 

Aron Smith received a £500 fine and 3 penalty points for an incident relating to driving standards in race three. In a separate incident in the same race Smith also received a further reprimand and 2 penalty points for an incident relating to driving standards

Colin Turkington was excluded from the race three result after his car was found to exceed the maximum boost allowance

Kieran Gallagher received an official reprimand and two penalty points for an incident relating to driving standards in race three

Formula 1

Champ: Vettel holds his latest trophy aloft as Hamilton and Alonso applaud
Champ: Vettel holds his latest trophy aloft as Hamilton and Alonso applaud



 SEBASTIAN VETTEL: “I don’t think we expected to be dominant here, and it surprised all of us actually; it’s a great result. I think we knew going into the race that our race pace, compared to Mercedes, maybe gave us a little in hand, but we didn’t know where we were compared to the others, especially Ferrari, and Lotus looked very quick in dry conditions also. It wasn’t clear if the rain was going to come at the end of the race, so we kept pushing, but the gap we had by that stage meant we were able to control the race from there and the last couple of laps weren’t too stressful.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “It was a fantastic win for Sebastian and the team, which came down to the first lap. He had an average start, but managed to position himself well going through the first corner and he knew that the first run through Eau Rouge up the hill was going to be critical. He went for it, got in the tow and managed to make the move stick round the outside of Lewis and then got his head down and built up a great lead. For Mark, his clutch wasn’t good in preparation going to the grid. We did our best to tidy it up but he conceded a place to Rosberg off the start. Once he was comprised in his positioning within the pack, he wasn’t able to get a clean run through La Source and Alonso managed to get a run on him down the hill and pass him into Eau Rouge. Thereafter it was a matter of trying to find a way through, past the Mercedes and Ferrari ahead, but unfortunately whenever we got close enough we seemed to lose aero performance and so Mark couldn’t get close enough to make a move. We didn’t come here expecting to win today, so it’s great to get a victory to start the second half of the season”


Pos  Driver        Team                       
 1.  Vettel         Red Bull-Renault           
 2.  Alonso         Ferrari                            
 3.  Hamilton       Mercedes                           
 4.  Rosberg        Mercedes                           
 5.  Webber         Red Bull-Renault                   
 6.  Button         McLaren-Mercedes                   
 7.  Massa          Ferrari                            
 8.  Grosjean       Lotus-Renault                      
 9.  Sutil          Force India-Mercedes               
10.  Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari                 
11.  Perez          McLaren-Mercedes                   
12.  Vergne         Toro Rosso-Ferrari                 
13.  Hulkenberg     Sauber-Ferrari                     
14.  Gutierrez      Sauber-Ferrari                     
15.  Bottas         Williams-Renault                   
16.  van der Garde  Caterham-Renault                   
17.  Maldonado      Williams-Renault                   
18.  Bianchi        Marussia-Cosworth                  
19.  Chilton        Marussia-Cosworth                  

Fastest lap: 

Not classified/retirements:               

Driver        Team                         
Di Resta      Force India-Mercedes               
Raikkonen     Lotus-Renault                      
Pic           Caterham-Renault  

World Championship standings, round 11:                

Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Vettel        197        1.  Red Bull-Renault          312
 2.  Alonso        151        2.  Mercedes                  235
 3.  Hamilton      139        3.  Ferrari                   218
 4.  Raikkonen     134        4.  Lotus-Renault             187
 5.  Webber        115        5.  McLaren-Mercedes           65
 6.  Rosberg        96        6.  Force India-Mercedes       61
 7.  Massa          67        7.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         25
 8.  Grosjean       53        8.  Sauber-Ferrari              7
 9.  Button         47        9.  Williams-Renault            1
10.  Di Resta       36       
11.  Sutil          25       
12.  Perez          18       
13.  Vergne         13       
14.  Ricciardo      12       
15.  Hulkenberg      7       
16.  Maldonado       1