Sebastian Vettel took over at the wheel of the RB10 for the second and final day of testing at Silverstone, as Infiniti Red Bull Racing set about tyre testing duties for Pirelli. The team managed to get through the manufacturer’s entire programme despite a mid-session delay that saw the team change the power unit on Seb’s car.
“We did all the work we could for Pirelli,” said Sebastian. “It was a shame we had to change the engine but the boys did a great job and we got in a solid two hours of track time at the end. We tried a lot of tyres for next year, which was interesting.”
Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum added that the test had been of value to the team as it approaches the second half of the season.
“We got out on time this morning, got the car balanced and then worked through Pirelli’s schedule, which involved testing tyres for 2015,” he said. “We had an issue with the car about halfway through, which resulted in a change of power unit, but thankfully we’re able to do that a lot quicker than at the beginning of the season, so in the end we lost only three hours. Even with that delay we were still able to complete Pirelli’s plan for the day. In terms of the value of this test I would say that yesterday was good. We banked a lot of information that will help us close the loop on our work in the simulator and that will certainly help as we head towards the second half of the season.”