The French Connection. Another first for F1W. Our first ever interview with an active F1 driver. Esteban Ocon was European F3 and GP3 Champion. Highly rated by Motorsports media and, more importantly, by Toto Wolf. Placed at Renault at the expense of Nico Hulkenberg he remains under Mercedes management, and may be seen in Silver Arrows shooting for wins in the near future.

Lights. Camera. Chica. Action. Charles in deep thoughts. ‘I should be taking the photo, baby!’

If you can’t meet ’em, meet Papito. Seb’s dad Norbert had a big smile when I asked him if he was at Parco Monza in 2008. Definitely a proud papa. Seb’s son was born last week and in a few years we may see him battling Robin Raikkonen.

The Podium Pierre. I thought I was the happiest man in Yas Marina till I ran into Racer from Rouen. At Red Bull Gasly had, in the words of DC, the least desirable seat in Formula 1; teammate to Max Verstappen. Toro Rosso has given him new wings. The torpedo is right behind us.

Second and third rate people. I said to James Allison since I can’t get to Lewis Hamilton may I have a photo with you? He goes you mean get second and third rate people. I took the selfie, thanked and walked away. Then realized image was not captured. So I went back to him and requested a take-two and confirmed to him he was correct on our rating. He was kind enough to oblige with a big smile.

Nice to know there is humor in the cut throat world of Formula 1.